Undertale Screenshots

Undertale is a weird little game. Playing a bit like the lovechild of Earthbound and the more bizarre, meme-infused elements of the internet, it’s a game that you can approach however you want. Want to avoid killing anything? Go ahead (though there are some problems with the uneven execution of this since you have to attack one of the final bosses before being allowed to spare them). Want to go on a genocidal crusade? That’s also a completely legitimate way of playing through the game, though it can be a bit tedious to grind enemies until you’ve killed everything in the area. You can even do a mix of the two, though you’ll end up with the same general ending you get if you play through without killing at all, only with the con of being unable to continue on to the game’s “true ending” that only becomes accessible on the pacifist route. Despite some problems, Undertale manages to be absolutely worth its price tag, and though it’s bound to be a bit polarizing because of its sudden popularity and the need to have played several Super Nintendo jRPGs like Final Fantasy 6 and Earthbound in order to pick up on its subtle nods to those games, it’s still my favorite release of 2015 thus far.


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