Silver Screenshots

Silver for the Dreamcast is a decent action-RPG game. Silver for the PC, however, is an abomination serving solely to offend the sensibilities of right-thinking people, a disaster of ugly controls and unbelievable limitations so profound that I’d dare call it the worst PC port in the history of video games. Where the Dreamcast version allows you to directly control your characters, the PC version has you controlling them like an awkward point-and-click game, the real-time combat and outdated graphics ensuring that you’re accidentally deselecting characters and leaving them to sit idly by while enemies stab them to death. Where the Dreamcast has the decency to pause the action whenever you enter the console-friendly radial menu, the PC version keeps the action running, all but guaranteeing that entering the menu to switch weapons or use an item to restore your health during combat proves deadly, or at the very least, catastrophic to your health.

That’s not even going into the bell puzzle, a timing minigame required to progress that’s rendered impossible on the PC because modern CPUs are so fast that the game doesn’t allow you to click fast enough to keep up with them. You literally have to cheat past this on the PC if you have too fast of a CPU. Meanwhile, I got past this puzzle in less than a minute in the Dreamcast version. These problems are just the tip of the iceberg, too, and Silver simply isn’t worth it; even on the Dreamcast, it’s merely a passable distraction of a game, nowhere near the greatness the nostalgia-fueled hyperbole of its die hard fans suggests.


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