Arkham City Wallpapers

Check out my review of the game here: Arkham City review

When I started this site, I began by reviewing a number of my favorite games. In retrospect, that was an incredibly stupid thing to do because I was attacking brilliant games with a sub-par writing style and absolutely no idea of what actually goes into a review. Long story short, I’ve been meaning to redo many of my older reviews for a long time. The idea of going through Arkham City again because of this was a pleasant one because of just how much I love this game, so I decided to make it one of the first games I replayed.

When I first went through it, I only made something like 100 screenshots. To put that into perspective, I usually make between 500-2000 screenshots per game now, so it would have felt wrong to not take advantage of the opportunity to make new ones. Below are 44 of the most visually striking ones that I managed to take, all at the resolution of 5120×2880 (and unlike many other sites’ large Arkham City pictures, anti-aliased) and perfect for your next desktop wallpaper. Read more →

Jade Empire Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Jade Empire Review

Fun fact: Bioware used to be known for making good games. These days, it seems they’re more known for crushing their fans’ expectations than for their games, but they were once the king of RPGs. Jade Empire isn’t exactly a huge departure from their tried-and-true formula, basically being a mix between KOTOR and a 3D beat-em-up, but the combination actually works most of the time. I actually consider this to be one of Bioware’s best, and it’s surprisingly good given how little you’ve probably heard of it. Read more →

Final Fantasy 8 (PC) Screenshots

Check out my review of the game here: Final Fantasy 8 review

My original Final Fantasy 8 review was a huge mistake. Original written in 2012 on the 25th of March, it was such a poorly written review that I actually thought that filling it with spoilers was a good idea. “Surely people want to have the game spoiled if they’re looking up a review,” I thought. To be fair, March 2012 is when this site started, so I wasn’t only sleep-deprived as I hurried to add as much content as I could to the then-bare site, but also incredibly new to the concept of reviews. It was only later once I had some experience under my belt that I considered going back and rewriting my awful old reviews like the one I had in place for Final Fantasy 8. Naturally, this took over two years because I’m incredibly lazy.

Then Square-Enix re-released Final Fantasy 8 on Steam and I had a good excuse to play through it again. Let me make something incredibly clear: the PC version is poor beyond words. You should avoid is at all costs, instead opting to play the Playstation 1 version. These screenshots, however, are of the PC version. You’ll no doubt notice the ugly blurring that persists throughout the game and that creates a strange kind of disconnectedness between the character models and the world. This isn’t a problem in the vastly-superior PS1 version. Read more →

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