Final Fantasy 8 (PC) Screenshots

Check out my review of the game here: Final Fantasy 8 review

My original Final Fantasy 8 review was a huge mistake. Original written in 2012 on the 25th of March, it was such a poorly written review that I actually thought that filling it with spoilers was a good idea. “Surely people want to have the game spoiled if they’re looking up a review,” I thought. To be fair, March 2012 is when this site started, so I wasn’t only sleep-deprived as I hurried to add as much content as I could to the then-bare site, but also incredibly new to the concept of reviews. It was only later once I had some experience under my belt that I considered going back and rewriting my awful old reviews like the one I had in place for Final Fantasy 8. Naturally, this took over two years because I’m incredibly lazy.

Then Square-Enix re-released Final Fantasy 8 on Steam and I had a good excuse to play through it again. Let me make something incredibly clear: the PC version is poor beyond words. You should avoid is at all costs, instead opting to play the Playstation 1 version. These screenshots, however, are of the PC version. You’ll no doubt notice the ugly blurring that persists throughout the game and that creates a strange kind of disconnectedness between the character models and the world. This isn’t a problem in the vastly-superior PS1 version. Read more →

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