The Longest Journey Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: The Longest Journey Review

There are a lot of really good games out there, but The Longest Journey is in a class of its own, halfway between “timeless old game” and “legitimately awesome adventure.” Basically, you’re doing yourself a major disservice by missing out on the game, especially since April Ryan is a great character who also happens to be surprisingly believable. She’s not a superhero by any means and has trouble dealing with everything happening around her, yet she’s also surprisingly strong at points. There’s also a hilarious amount of sarcasm and great music. It’s just an all-around great game, and one that absolutely blew me away.

It’s worth mentioning that you’re apparently able to change the font with a patch or something. I kind of like it the way it is, though. Read more →

Fable: The Lost Chapters Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Fable: The Lost Chapters Review

The first time I ever played Fable, I didn’t get far before quitting. For some reason, I had pegged the game as some kind of open world, Elder Scrolls-esque game. Because I was looking for that, I only saw its flaws and wasn’t able to appreciate what Fable is, which is weirdly reactive. If you eat a lot, you become fat. If you do evil things, you grow horns and get glowy red eyes. If you fight a lot, you become a muscular behemoth. What you do determines who you become, and while it’s rarely very deep, it’s always amusing the number of crazy iterations of a character you can go through in a single playthrough. I went from a guy of pure evil to a nice spellcaster, and from there moved on to focus more on ranged attacking with a bow. Also, I grew an epic white beard. Good times. Read more →

Chrono Trigger Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Chrono Trigger Review

Chrono Trigger is not only one of the best games ever made for any system ever, but it also has the most memorable art style. Not one of the most memorable art styles, but the most. Like… of all games, ever. Playing through this game once means remembering the sprites and areas forever, and playing through it 500+ times like I have means having it burned into your brain to the point where you hallucinate Chrono Trigger sprites in real life. It’s becoming a serious problem.

If you’re wondering why all the characters are leveled up so high, it’s a New Game + playthrough. Everyone is leveled to the highest level and I’ve got pretty much every item in the entire game. Because love. Read more →

Legend of Legaia Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Legend of Legaia Review

Most people have never heard of Legend of Legaia, which is too bad because it’s really a good game. Definitely not the best that the original Playstation has to offer, but it’s still a solid jRPG that fans of the genre should check out. There’s a lot to love, from Noa’s amusing lack of social awareness arising from being raised by a wolf to a unique battle system that’s a mix between a fighting game and an RPG. Read more →

Final Fantasy 4 Screenshots

If my original naming convention for the following shots is any indication, I’ll never learn to call this game Final Fantasy 4; in my mind, it will forever be North America’s “Final Fantasy 2,” and this meant that I had to go through and manually rename all of the screenshots after mindlessly labeling them all with the old name. So much hassle could have been avoided if they just called it the right thing from the very beginning. Ugh.

Anyway, Final Fantasy 2 (or 4, or whatever) is an awesome game. Sure, the grammar is atrocious thanks to an insane translation that had to have been at least partially influenced by alcohol, but that only makes the whole thing all the sweeter. This is truly a wonderful remnant of a bygone (and slightly awkward as console gaming tried to move into more complex stories) era. Read more →

Jade Cocoon Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Jade Cocoon Review

Jade Cocoon is weird. So weird, in fact, that I wasn’t sure if I was having fun while I played it. All I knew at the time was that it was unlike anything I’d ever played. However, the little stories and mythology of the game stuck in my head for days, then weeks, then months, and I eventually realized that it had managed to have an impact on me. Ultimately, it’s not the kind of game that you’ll find yourself playing through over and over, but going through it once or twice every so often is very much worthwhile because of how completely unique it is. Read more →

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