Memoria Screenshots

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Chains of Satinav, which Memoria is the sequel to, was one of the most disappointing, rage-inducing games I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing. In fact, I hated it so thoroughly that I was mad for an entire week after playing it, so we’re talking about a special kind of loathing that’s nearly beyond my ability to describe in words. Memoria accomplishes the impossible, however, by creating a story using many of the same characters that’s not only competently written, but genuinely intriguing and clever (at times, at least). I’d be lying if I said that this game doesn’t have some deity-sized plot holes and a few unbelievably stupid moments of convenience that come out of nowhere, but there’s something special about new character Sadja’s friendship with her magical talking staff that makes both the story deficiencies and Geron’s presence bearable.

The game also introduces a bunch of problems of its own and exacerbates some that were already present in Chains, most notably when it comes to puzzle logic (or the lack thereof). Many of these problems are so severe that I was originally going to write up a negative review. However, I always take a little time after playing through a game to let the dust/frustration/emotions settle, and once all of that was out of the way, I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed the game as a whole despite its flaws.


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