KOTOR (Android) Screenshots

I’m posting these screenshots mostly as a reference for those who want to know what the Android version of KOTOR looks and plays like. I won’t do a review for it since I’ve already posted one for the PC version, but I do want to mention a few things. First, the Android version of the game is flawless in the sense that nothing was removed. Everything from the PC game is right there where you’d expect, and the only changes are the different control scheme, dialogue being in bubbles instead of the lower black bar, larger icons to make things like force powers and the menu more accessible, and a screen that you can use to choose your attacks more carefully inside of combat (the screenshot of this is three pictures from the left, four from the top). Oh, and there’s also a quicksave button added to the menu.

The screenshots you’ll see in most places are terrible, blocky messes. That’s because the game downloads and defaults to low quality visuals. The second screenshot is an example of this low setting, while all others reflect the game with all of the pretty options turned on. As you can see, the game becomes much truer to the original game’s visuals (though there’s still some aliasing).

I experienced one crash and two instances of textures not loading properly, briefly turning characters into black shadows, but this was incredibly rare and I played through the entire game without encountering any other issues. That said, swoop racing and the space battles are incredibly awkward with touch controls and I wound up being grateful that they’re so rare, and while the movement controls are pretty solid (tap and drag up to run forward, down to move backward, left and right to turn), moments where you have to turn the camera 180 degrees can force you to perform multiple swipes. One final note: saves are compatible between the PC and Android versions, so you can manually transfer your file to and from each.

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