Halfway Screenshots

I find it incredibly depressing that I can’t recall the last tactical turn-based game that was actually enjoyable to me. Instead, all that comes to mind are the ugly slew of failed attempts: The Banner Saga, Blackguards, The War of Eustrath, and now Halfway. Is Halfway as bad as the rest of the titles on that list? Not really; it’s promising on the surface, with eight static characters who each have their own unique abilities in combat, but that’s ultimately undermined by the fact that much of the game is spent slowly shooting at enemies and watching them shoot back, no one hitting their mark because the accuracy for most attacks is so low. Beyond that, the inventory is a constant hassle and the story goes nowhere. The building blocks of a memorable turn-based strategy/tactical game are all here, and I have hopes that the devs come out with a sequel that builds on the game’s strengths while penning a more interesting story that takes place in more varied environments, but Halfway itself just isn’t put together in a particularly entertaining or fulfilling way.


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