Fly’n Screenshots

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Fly’n is one of those indie games you never hear about, a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing game with amazing music and lots of promise toward the beginning. Then, it torpedoes everything good about it by making it necessary to maneuver within ridiculously tight spaces within a time limit (in the form of a rising wall of red stuff that kills you instantly). That wouldn’t be much of a problem if not for the fact that the controls and hit detection are by far the weakest parts of the game.

I ended up getting hit by things that were nowhere near me more times than I even bothered to count. Most of the time I’d just ignore something like that and assume that I was being a sore loser, but in many cases I ended up with video evidence that backs up just how bad the hit detection in this game is. Sadly, the pure badness of the controls can’t be communicated as easily through video, but suffice it to say that several sections are like trying to counter a runaway freight train’s momentum in order to fit it into a rapidly-approaching tunnel that’s filled with explosives. All of these problems are so ridiculous that they kill the game’s promise outright, which is a shame because I really wanted to like Fly’n. Too bad its controls and hit detection are so embarrassing.


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