Firewatch Screenshots

The past couple games I’ve played through have been huge time sinks, so I was on the prowl for something shorter that didn’t require weeks worth of playing to adequately review. I only have something like 700 unplayed games in my backlog, though, so clearly I needed to bump that up with an impulse purchase in order to preserve my “game hoarder” status. Ugh. For better or worse, Firewatch came out and I remembered seeing some promising-looking early stuff from it, so I pulled the trigger after reading a few impressions from people who claimed it was short. After all, a short, narrative-focused game with colorful visuals seemed to be everything I was looking for. Too bad the story fizzles out at the very end, leaving you with a distinct feeling that your time has been wasted. That’s not to say that Firewatch is a complete waste of time, because its voice acting and dialogue is pretty solid and enjoyable overall, but when your ending makes “it was all a dream” seem like a fulfilling resolution by way of comparison, something’s gone horribly wrong.


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