Crysis Screenshots

Check out my review of the game here: Crysis review

When I started this site, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. That’s not only true on the technical side of the equation, but also in the larger sense that I had no idea about the kind of tone and article length I wanted to aim for. Even worse, I panicked at the idea of a site devoid of content, so the first month or so was filled with me doing reviews every day for games I had already played, greatly reducing their quality. Because of forcing myself to do so many reviews back then, I was left with little choice but to go through the saves for games I’d played, frantically making screenshots around my save points so that I’d have screenshots to append to the end of articles.

Long story short, these Crysis screenshots are out of order and don’t capture all of the great moments in Crysis due to me skipping randomly through saves when I made them. Sorry. If it helps, I (eventually) got better at this whole “site” thing.


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