Badland Screenshots

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Badland could have probably been impressive in a lot of ways. I mean, it’s certainly pretty-looking with its greens and blues and reds and purples, and it has a few moments of fun when you start playing. Sadly, its promise is quickly squandered, descending into a badness so profound that it ends up earning its name.

You never know whether to pick this up or touch that, and any guess you make always seems to carry a 50/50 chance of killing you in some way or another. Ultimately, the game’s like a cross between those tense Mario levels where the camera automatically scrolls and the underwater levels from Donkey Kong Country, plus some gimmicks like power ups that make you bigger, smaller, faster, slower, sticky, etcetera. They never really make up for the fact that most of the game revolves around luck rather than anything resembling skill, though.


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