Omega Quintet Screenshots

Omega Quintet is one of those games that I’m really on the fence about. On one hand, the amount of busywork required to get the real ending is absolutely maddening and exists solely to pad out the game’s length. Case in point, the screenshots below cut out something like 4-5 full chapters where nothing in particular happens. On the other, the music and characters are both weirdly likable, and the story never makes the mistake of taking anything too seriously. Also, the combat here is fantastically unique, and I managed to get through the final two boss fights without either of them getting a single attack in. That’s pretty special. Read more →

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Screenshots

As is usually the case with Xbox One screenshots, the ordering got messed up. I worked out a way of avoiding that something like a month ago, but got busy and totally forgot about the extra step. Fortunately, the game jumps around a bit chronologically, so that’s not much of a problem. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is a much prettier (and better in general) game than I was expecting, so enjoy the pretty plane pictures. That sunrise one in particular is desktop wallpaper material. Read more →

Battle High 2 A+ Screenshots

Battle High 2 A+ is a game that makes me feel good at fighting games, and that’s cool. It’s also a game that gave me a headache, and that’s not cool. Now, normally I’d go back and play the previous games in the series for that added bit of context before diving into a sequel, but I couldn’t for the life of me find them, and the story really doesn’t matter all that much in fighting games anyway (case in point, I don’t think anyone’s on pins and needles to find out what new contrivance the Soul Calibur franchise has cooked up to necessitate further face-punchery). Read more →

Shantae: Friends to the End (DLC) Screenshots

Judging something like Half-Genie Hero’s Friends to the End DLC is difficult, because it’s inexpensive and has some really good parts, but it also feels like half of my time with it was spent swearing at the screen during ill-conceived sections that stretch the occasionally awkward mechanics to their breaking point. In reality, though, that was merely the last few levels (and one boss fight prior to that point), with everything else being fine. The bad parts are just so mind-bogglingly tedious that it feels like they make up way more of the experience than they actually do. Read more →

The Surge: A Walk in the Park Screenshots

The Surge was an enjoyable game, though some of the endgame enemies started to feel like cheap roadblocks, and there were also a small handful of bugs that really got under my skin (including enemies respawning in the third area when you exit the game and come back later, which still hasn’t been fixed). Its expansion, A Walk in the Park, on the other hand, alleviates almost all of its most glaring problems while peppering in just enough humor and personality to outshine the base game. Read more →

SOMA Screenshots

SOMA is a great story wrapped up in gameplay that adheres to traditional horror-game cliches, even when playing in the new “Safe Mode” that grants main character Simon a superhuman ability to withstand damage from the game’s occasional monsters. Personally, I didn’t care for the loud sounds and dark hallways so much given my distaste for these types of cheap suspense-building tricks, and the number of enemies punching me around corridors while screaming started to feel a bit excessive and unnecessary around halfway in, but the storytelling here is so unlike your average “game story” that it’s well worth playing for anyone who doesn’t mind a few unexpected flickering lights and moaning/gurgling flesh monstrosities. Read more →

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