Saints Row 4 Review

Saints Row 3 took the series in a new direction, upsetting many longtime fans in the process, so it’s probably worth mentioning early that this new direction is wholly embraced by Saints Row 4. In fact, 4 pushes the randomness even further, pushing so far beyond the believable that it can tend to try too hard for a laugh at its own expense. Still, for all of its many, many flaws, there are redeeming qualities that may make it worth your time. Read more →

Saints Row The Third Review

There’s something to be said for insanity. For every person who leads a safe, sane life that makes perfect sense, there’s another who’s shotgunning Jagermeister and setting themselves on fire for fun, somehow having the time of their life in the process. Saints Row 3 will definitely appeal more to the latter than the former, because this game is absolutely insane. Read more →

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