Site news: wider reviews

When I started this site back in March 2012, I intended for my reviews to use this site’s “wide” format (as seen in my Divinity: Original Sin review), but quickly discovered that doing so meant that search results had the left column disappear when browsing the site by category for some strange reason. For over two years, I was content with my reviews being written down the middle of a three-column page like this one, but as my reviews began to grow longer, I became less and less okay with the actual content of each post being relegated to a relatively tiny space. Sick of having to balance the pros and cons of using the wide review format and losing the column that includes links to my recent reviews, I finally dug into this site’s nitty-gritty code stuff and found the problem.

I didn’t just solve the problem, though. No—I destroyed the left column-eating format entirely, banishing it to a dark dimension to forevermore atone for the past two years of anguish it’s caused me. Long story short, I’m switching up the format and will use a new version of the wide review for my positive reviews, with the negative reviews and miscellaneous posts too short to warrant the extra space (screenshots, site news, etc.) using the three-column format this post is using.

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