Everything is now totally fixed!

And you know what? It took a long, long, long time. Much longer than I expected.

99% of that time was spent fixing the broken screenshots that I moved to XOMF. You may notice that the screenshots are no longer multiple pages comprised of 200 screenshots each; Google wouldn’t even index many of those images because it was such overkill, and it would have taken me a year to manually copy/paste the new URLs for all of them, so instead, I solved both problems by limiting screenshots to around 44-48 pictures at most. That seems to be the sweet spot for adequately representing most games, at least, and it also helps the screenshots to load faster. As an added bonus, Google has already indexed many of the old images. It’s nice when a plan comes together, especially when that plan greatly reduces the bloat of your website. Read more →

Everything might be broken (for a little while)

I’ve paid a lot keeping this site up. So much, in fact, that I ended up considering moving to a free host or free blog because they seemed pretty hassle-free and wouldn’t murder my bank account. However, the free stuff out there is absolutely pathetic, and I love this site far too much (a scary amount, as it turns out) to ever go that route. My second option was to look for cheaper hosting, and after an exhaustive series of Google searches, I eventually found something that fit my needs. Basically, that meant migrating all the files from the old server to the new one. This is as opportune a time as any to mention that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing as far as stuff like that is concerned. Read more →

October is sRPG month!

October is not a good month. Sure, Halloween night is in October and ballooning candy reserves is a good thing, but that’s so close to November that it really shouldn’t count. No, October is a shifty month full of awful things, and you need only look at the month’s name to see how duplicitous this evil month is. “Octo” is, after all, a prefix indicating “eight,” and yet October is the tenth month in the year. Very suspicious. What are you hiding, October? Read more →

Why this site doesn’t use review scores

Every review website seems to end up with some kind of numerical representation that’s meant to reflect the “goodness” or “badness” of the thing they’re reviewing. For killapenguin.com, I wanted to do something different. Not because I’m lazy (and let’s all take a moment to be astounded that this isn’t the case this time), but because the whole idea is dumb; can one really quantify something as abstract and subjective as goodness? If you believe the answer is “yes,” then I’m about to launch a twenty-pound “error of your ways” into your face from my trebuchet of truth. Is that last sentence technically English? Probably, so shut up. Read more →

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