Everything is now totally fixed!

And you know what? It took a long, long, long time. Much longer than I expected.

99% of that time was spent fixing the broken screenshots that I moved to XOMF. You may notice that the screenshots are no longer multiple pages comprised of 200 screenshots each; Google wouldn’t even index many of those images because it was such overkill, and it would have taken me a year to manually copy/paste the new URLs for all of them, so instead, I solved both problems by limiting screenshots to around 44-48 pictures at most. That seems to be the sweet spot for adequately representing most games, at least, and it also helps the screenshots to load faster. As an added bonus, Google has already indexed many of the old images. It’s nice when a plan comes together, especially when that plan greatly reduces the bloat of your website.

I mentioned before that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to computer stuff. Fun story: the first challenge I faced was that the pages were randomly broken when you went to anything past the first page. Basically, the majority of the site was completely inaccessible, which is obviously a bit of a problem. I must have gone to a hundred sites trying to figure out what was wrong, when suddenly it hit me: there was this moment when I was transferring files over where my finger slipped. I thought nothing of it at the time, but eventually realized that the site was broken because I had accidentally moved an important folder into another folder.

Despite the overwhelming odds against me, I’ve triumphed and fixed everything. My eyes are bloodshot and I need a drink, as well as scantily-clad women with leaves to fan me with. You know what? Screw the leaves and drink.

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