Save files: The Cursed Crusade

Sometimes I make a bunch of saves not because I want to relive part of a good game, but because a game is so terrible that I don’t want to have to play through it again to get video of a specific part that struck me as being especially atrocious. Or, as sometimes is the case, maybe I want to be able to jump to certain dialogue to back up my opinion that some games’ stories make absolutely no sense. In The Cursed Crusade’s case, I made a bunch of saves to try and counter the ugliness of the save system and to avoid having to replay certain less-than-wonderful sections of the game. Consider it a gift from me to you that you can download these and not have to actually play through the entire painfully un-fun game.

The Cursed Crusade saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

There’s not much customization to be had. By the end of the game you’ve unlocked pretty much every combo anyway, so there really shouldn’t be any problem with using these saves. The saves are at every new level (which are the only points the game actually saves at) and are on the normal difficulty setting.

Oh, and the archive is something like 8 kilobytes in size. Seriously.

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