Save files: Remember Me

I’m a huge save file hoarder, and my obsession has only become worse since I started this site. It’s gotten to the point where I have an entire section of my external hard drive devoted to nothing but save files, and while I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post save files because of this site’s bandwidth limitations, games that rely on checkpoints have small enough save files that it’s not much of a problem. Plus, this gave me an excuse to play through Remember Me—my absolute favorite game of 2013—yet again. I tried to pick up every collectible this time around, but sadly, the game told me that I only found 95% of the hidden stuff. C’est la vie.

Remember Me saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

The download is a little bigger than 500 kilobytes, around the same size as a detailed 1920×1080 screenshot, but despite the deceptively small size, there are 120 saves in the archive that cover pretty much everything that happens in the game. In fact, some are just minutes apart, so you should be able to zip to any point you want without too much hassle. Remember Me occasionally refused to see the saves until I exited and restarted Steam (restarting the computer also works) for some reason, so be sure to try that if the saves don’t show up for you.

Note: apart from the first pressen that you unlock, I played through the game without unlocking any. This means that you should be able to use these saves to recreate your own custom combos should you get stuck and use one of my saves to get past that point, not that there’s a huge amount of customization in the game or anything. I just thought it’d be a nice touch.

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