Save files: Freedom Planet

Finishing Freedom Planet in either classic or adventure mode gives you the ability to jump back to any stage you played during that character’s playthrough. As such, it may seem like I’m including a needless number of saves, but I know that a finished file and a file that’s only to a certain level are totally different things to some people. I know this because I’m one of those people.

Freedom Planet saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

The saves are laid out with my final save (all three characters having finished three separate files, Lilac and Carol in adventure mode and Milla in classic) in the main folder, with stage-specific saves for each character in subfolders. I didn’t end up unlocking all of the extras, but I managed to unlock quite a bit of the music over the course of my several playthroughs.

The archive is only 9 kilobytes in size.

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