Save files: Arkham City

For some reason, I uploaded a 7-zipped archive of Arkham City saves and never got around to actually posting a link to them. They’re below in case you want to skip ahead of the story straight to certain feats of Batmannery or Catwomannery.

Arkham City saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

I seem to remember not doing much of the Riddler stuff or completing many side quests so as to leave that stuff open for anyone who downloads these saves, but to be honest, I made these saves half a year ago and really have no solid idea of what I actually did in the game. The only thing I’m sure of is that I grabbed the grapnel boost upgrade because of how helpful it is when trying to get around.

The archive is something like 650 kilobytes in size, and one Penguin was harmed in the making of these saves.

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