Save files: Arkham Asylum

I love me some Batman, and while Arkham Asylum isn’t really my favorite game ever, I made sure to appease my inner compulsive save hoarder and back up my saves at several points. Like I said when I posted my Remember Me saves—I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post saves like this. Playing through a game for the first time means not knowing the ideal points to back up, which makes it a really tedious process compared to backing up saves when replaying a game. Since I try to post at least one review per week for this site, though, I don’t often have enough time to replay games, so a lot of times my backups aren’t very useful. Even when they are, though, I’m still limited by this site’s bandwidth limitations. That said, this archive is especially thorough, containing something like 75 saves that chronicle just about every major thing that happens in the game.

Arkham Asylum saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

I didn’t go out of my way to do the Riddler stuff, so if you’re looking for a 100% completed save, these aren’t the saves you’re looking for. These saves are provided mostly for those who want to relive a fun section of the game or jump to a section of the game to prove something happened in order to win a petty internet argument. I’ve definitely been there before.

The archive is a little over 1.5 megabytes in size.

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