Save files: Ankh

I was knocked out of my normal sleep schedule recently, so I figure I’ll post some saves for the next game I’m going to review today, screenshots tomorrow, then the actual review itself the day after that. Otherwise a whole laundry list of spelling and miscellaneous grammatical errors become likely, and Ankh deserves better than that; this is one of Deck13’s earliest games, and it’s filled with the same kind of lovable weirdness that makes games like Venetica so worth it. It’s a shame the game is so rare, with it only seeming to be available secondhand or in the criminally overlooked Ankh – Anniversary Edition (which supports higher resolutions) available on Steam. These saves were made on the latter, though I confirmed that they work on the original game, as well.

Ankh saves (7-zip archive)

Additional notes:

I made a bunch of saves while playing the game, but these aren’t those. Sorry, but that archive was large, even when compressed, and I have to be careful about bandwidth. Instead, these saves are the ones I made while playing through the entire game a second time (which only took something like 2 hours after figuring out all of the puzzles during the first playthrough). I made videos of this and saved between videos, so you can see in the below playlist where each save actually is. Obviously, don’t watch too far if you don’t want to have the entire game spoiled.

And I didn’t add the ads. The music matched third-party content and they were turned on automatically. Kind of obnoxious, but it is what it is.

The archive is ~631 kilobytes.

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