Save files: Ankh

I was knocked out of my normal sleep schedule recently, so I figure I’ll post some saves for the next game I’m going to review today, screenshots tomorrow, then the actual review itself the day after that. Otherwise a whole laundry list of spelling and miscellaneous grammatical errors become likely, and Ankh deserves better than that; this is one of Deck13’s earliest games, and it’s filled with the same kind of lovable weirdness that makes games like Venetica so worth it. It’s a shame the game is so rare, with it only seeming to be available secondhand or in the criminally overlooked Ankh – Anniversary Edition (which supports higher resolutions) available on Steam. These saves were made on the latter, though I confirmed that they work on the original game, as well. Read more →

Save files: Freedom Planet

Finishing Freedom Planet in either classic or adventure mode gives you the ability to jump back to any stage you played during that character’s playthrough. As such, it may seem like I’m including a needless number of saves, but I know that a finished file and a file that’s only to a certain level are totally different things to some people. I know this because I’m one of those people. Read more →

Save files: The Cursed Crusade

Sometimes I make a bunch of saves not because I want to relive part of a good game, but because a game is so terrible that I don’t want to have to play through it again to get video of a specific part that struck me as being especially atrocious. Or, as sometimes is the case, maybe I want to be able to jump to certain dialogue to back up my opinion that some games’ stories make absolutely no sense. In The Cursed Crusade’s case, I made a bunch of saves to try and counter the ugliness of the save system and to avoid having to replay certain less-than-wonderful sections of the game. Consider it a gift from me to you that you can download these and not have to actually play through the entire painfully un-fun game. Read more →

Save files: Arkham City

For some reason, I uploaded a 7-zipped archive of Arkham City saves and never got around to actually posting a link to them. They’re below in case you want to skip ahead of the story straight to certain feats of Batmannery or Catwomannery. Read more →

Save files: Arkham Asylum

I love me some Batman, and while Arkham Asylum isn’t really my favorite game ever, I made sure to appease my inner compulsive save hoarder and back up my saves at several points. Like I said when I posted my Remember Me saves—I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post saves like this. Playing through a game for the first time means not knowing the ideal points to back up, which makes it a really tedious process compared to backing up saves when replaying a game. Since I try to post at least one review per week for this site, though, I don’t often have enough time to replay games, so a lot of times my backups aren’t very useful. Even when they are, though, I’m still limited by this site’s bandwidth limitations. That said, this archive is especially thorough, containing something like 75 saves that chronicle just about every major thing that happens in the game. Read more →

Save files: Remember Me

I’m a huge save file hoarder, and my obsession has only become worse since I started this site. It’s gotten to the point where I have an entire section of my external hard drive devoted to nothing but save files, and while I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post save files because of this site’s bandwidth limitations, games that rely on checkpoints have small enough save files that it’s not much of a problem. Plus, this gave me an excuse to play through Remember Me—my absolute favorite game of 2013—yet again. I tried to pick up every collectible this time around, but sadly, the game told me that I only found 95% of the hidden stuff. C’est la vie. Read more →

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