My Game Boy Advance

These days, something like the Game Boy Advance might not seem particularly exciting, especially since Nintendo is neck-deep in motion controls, touch screens, and 3D (*cough* jumping the shark *cough*). However, when it was actually released, it was the greatest thing ever, a new shiny that was capable of even greater graphics than the Game Boy Color. Games like Golden Sun were suddenly possible, and many Super Nintendo games ended up being ported to the smaller system as a result of the better technology. Sure, they were sometimes a bit rough compared to the originals, but being able to play Breath of Fire 2 on the go was magical (though I refuse to accept the existence of the Final Fantasy remakes on account of the changed translations—shame on everyone involved).

Older games were the best part of it

However, despite my love for the GBA, I still wound up playing mostly older Game Boy games on it. Part of what made this so appealing was the difference in height between GBA games and normal Game Boy games; while the Advance cartridges are mini, older Game Boy games are square, meaning they stick out while you play. Some might say that this is a case of bad design, but those are the kinds of people who clearly hate adorable, likable things. You know what else is adorable and likable? Kittens are, and you shouldn’t listen to people who hate kittens.

It makes Megaman fat and orange

There was also the fact that the larger screen allowed you to stretch the game to fill it. This took a little getting used to since it only stretched it along the X axis, making it wider without affecting the height, but some games actually wound up playing better stretched. Of course, the GBA also added color to many games, that being a feature carried over from the Game Boy Color. This made older Game Boy games far more appealing on the GBC or GBA than the original Game Boy.

Drum roll…

Anyway, the other day it occurred to me that I have all this professional photography equipment that I could be using to take pictures of things I love… like the Game Boy Advance. And your mom. Halfway done! Click the thumbnail below for a large picture of my Game Boy Advance playing Megaman 5 un-stretched, which is doubly awesome because Megaman becomes orange when colorized:

Game Boy Advance

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