Save files: Freedom Planet

Finishing Freedom Planet in either classic or adventure mode gives you the ability to jump back to any stage you played during that character’s playthrough. As such, it may seem like I’m including a needless number of saves, but I know that a finished file and a file that’s only to a certain level are totally different things to some people. I know this because I’m one of those people. Read more →

Save files: The Cursed Crusade

Sometimes I make a bunch of saves not because I want to relive part of a good game, but because a game is so terrible that I don’t want to have to play through it again to get video of a specific part that struck me as being especially atrocious. Or, as sometimes is the case, maybe I want to be able to jump to certain dialogue to back up my opinion that some games’ stories make absolutely no sense. In The Cursed Crusade’s case, I made a bunch of saves to try and counter the ugliness of the save system and to avoid having to replay certain less-than-wonderful sections of the game. Consider it a gift from me to you that you can download these and not have to actually play through the entire painfully un-fun game. Read more →

Save files: Arkham City

For some reason, I uploaded a 7-zipped archive of Arkham City saves and never got around to actually posting a link to them. They’re below in case you want to skip ahead of the story straight to certain feats of Batmannery or Catwomannery. Read more →

80 Days: How to get the Goland ending

The very first time I played through 80 Days, I stumbled onto Goland, the Mongolian princess who you meet (and are potentially kissed by) while traveling through Russia. It ended rather abruptly, however, and despite my attempts to follow her and find a less bitter resolution, I eventually ran out of money, forcing me to leave it as a dangling plot point that never got tied up. As it turns out, it’s possible to have her appear at the ending, but this requires doing things in a very specific order. I’ve worked out a route that should allow you to get this ending while still making it back within 80 Days, and I’ve made a point to test a number of different things to figure out what triggers this ending and what you should absolutely not do. Read more →

Super Mario Land and the magic of mental bookmarks

Somewhere, hidden beneath a metric ton of stuff that’s slowly accumulated in my closet or one of the million other places I haphazardly throw things into and then forget about, lies a cartridge of Super Mario Land. I can’t quite remember if it’s the same one I had growing up, but part of me suspects that it probably is. If you’re thinking, “Oh no, he’s about to launch into another of his boring childhood stories that only tangentially involve games,” then you’re totally right! Unlike many of my other stories, though, this one is more than mindless blathering, instead serving to illustrate how strong of a mental bookmark games are capable of being. Just so we’re all on the same page, what I mean by a “mental bookmark” is a reaction that’s just short of synesthetic and that’s caused by two influential or memorable things happening in a short span of time to the point where they become inextricably linked. An example most people can relate to would be listening to a song while talking to a boyfriend/girlfriend to the point where hearing that song causes you to think of that person, even years later. Read more →

Site news: wider reviews

When I started this site back in March 2012, I intended for my reviews to use this site’s “wide” format (as seen in my Divinity: Original Sin review), but quickly discovered that doing so meant that search results had the left column disappear when browsing the site by category for some strange reason. For over two years, I was content with my reviews being written down the middle of a three-column page like this one, but as my reviews began to grow longer, I became less and less okay with the actual content of each post being relegated to a relatively tiny space. Sick of having to balance the pros and cons of using the wide review format and losing the column that includes links to my recent reviews, I finally dug into this site’s nitty-gritty code stuff and found the problem.

I didn’t just solve the problem, though. No—I destroyed the left column-eating format entirely, banishing it to a dark dimension to forevermore atone for the past two years of anguish it’s caused me. Long story short, I’m switching up the format and will use a new version of the wide review for my positive reviews, with the negative reviews and miscellaneous posts too short to warrant the extra space (screenshots, site news, etc.) using the three-column format this post is using.

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