I get mad at spammers so you don’t have to

This isn’t exactly a huge site that’s bursting at the seams from all the traffic it receives (in fact, I’ve done zero promotion other than linking to it on a few forums I use), and yet I receive a disgusting amount of spam. Spam from developers. Spam from PR people. Spam from people only tangentially related to gaming who want to pay me to write things about this product or that product. One developer sent me a LinkedIn request that pops up a picture of him with his kids, no doubt in some vain attempt to tug at my heartstrings and give him an “in.” That one irritates me the most because LinkedIn spams like crazy and demands a response, and I’ve gotten numerous reminders from them over the past few months that I have a pending friend request from him. The amount of blatant whoring that exists in the gaming industry is nothing short of embarrassing, and I had no idea about any of it before I created this site. Most people who dive into the review world buy in to this stuff, forge mutually beneficial friendships, take money for paid advertisements (“native advertising,” if you’re familiar with the term), and otherwise sell out.

But I’m not them. This is a site about games, not a podium for paid cheerleading. I have enough friends, and I could care less about a bunch of kids who are being used as little more than props in their father’s marketing tactic. Every so often I like to remind everyone of this, sending my spammers a not-so-nice reply. Consider this a warning about pushing my buttons, spammers. For the rest of you, consider it a token of my respect for readers (whether longtime, people visiting for the first time, or just potential readers) and my unwillingness to let anyone jeopardize the integrity of the content/opinions I put up. Read more →

About the review process and some ethical stuff

What does the header picture have to do with the topic, you ask? Absolutely nothing—I just have a lot of puppy pictures lying around my computer from my time helping out with animal rescue stuff and didn’t have anything more relevant.

But on to the reason I’m writing this: my recent NyxQuest review may have led to some questions because it occurred to me after posting that not everyone has direct access to my mind and I haven’t ever actually described how things around here work. In said review, I posted a screenshot of Amazon where the date I purchased the game is visible (July 15th) and claimed that I bought it because my last couple reviews were negative and I was looking for something I’d like. However, the first of those negative reviews was posted on July 18th. Read more →

Save files: Freedom Planet

Finishing Freedom Planet in either classic or adventure mode gives you the ability to jump back to any stage you played during that character’s playthrough. As such, it may seem like I’m including a needless number of saves, but I know that a finished file and a file that’s only to a certain level are totally different things to some people. I know this because I’m one of those people. Read more →

Save files: The Cursed Crusade

Sometimes I make a bunch of saves not because I want to relive part of a good game, but because a game is so terrible that I don’t want to have to play through it again to get video of a specific part that struck me as being especially atrocious. Or, as sometimes is the case, maybe I want to be able to jump to certain dialogue to back up my opinion that some games’ stories make absolutely no sense. In The Cursed Crusade’s case, I made a bunch of saves to try and counter the ugliness of the save system and to avoid having to replay certain less-than-wonderful sections of the game. Consider it a gift from me to you that you can download these and not have to actually play through the entire painfully un-fun game. Read more →

Save files: Arkham City

For some reason, I uploaded a 7-zipped archive of Arkham City saves and never got around to actually posting a link to them. They’re below in case you want to skip ahead of the story straight to certain feats of Batmannery or Catwomannery. Read more →

80 Days: How to get the Goland ending

The very first time I played through 80 Days, I stumbled onto Goland, the Mongolian princess who you meet (and are potentially kissed by) while traveling through Russia. It ended rather abruptly, however, and despite my attempts to follow her and find a less bitter resolution, I eventually ran out of money, forcing me to leave it as a dangling plot point that never got tied up. As it turns out, it’s possible to have her appear at the ending, but this requires doing things in a very specific order. I’ve worked out a route that should allow you to get this ending while still making it back within 80 Days, and I’ve made a point to test a number of different things to figure out what triggers this ending and what you should absolutely not do. Read more →

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