Music: “Lore”

I have a bad habit of making songs, only to stuff them into a metaphorical drawer where they’re unlikely to see the light of day again. This particular track is one of my favorites from that drawer, and it’s actually a theme song for a character from a book I’ve fully sketched out. Sadly, the book was also put into the drawer for the time being thanks to a lack of time (and an annoying habit of winging it for entire chapters that started to create inconvenient plot holes—being a critic makes it incredibly hard to let that stuff go, and it’s easy to lose enthusiasm after screwing up the third rewrite), but the theme song remains where the book has yet to materialize.

Also, I fully recognize how pointless it is to create a theme song for a character in a medium without sound, but you know. I’m whimsical like that. Bite me.

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