Music: “Daniella”

Okay, this is an older song that’s mixed a bit rough. Still, I like the way it sounds and there’s really nothing that can be done about the mixing anymore; one of the distortion plugins in the song randomly started crashing my DAW, and I lost the original midi tracks thanks to some careless screwing around. C’est la vie.

Download Daniella

Here’s a Youtube video for streaming and stuff, if you’re into that sort of thing:

Story behind the song:

I’m just going to copy/paste this from Youtube, because I already wrote it all out.

“A long time ago there was this woman named Daniella who I didn’t really know beyond her reputation. ‘Slutty’ would pretty much sum it up, yet she was actually quite beautiful. Raven hair, piercing dark eyes, and all that jazz. Anyway, one day I saw her being hit on by a group of guys, which was really nothing unusual. She was smiling.

I noticed something when she moved her head, though. A tiny tear under her eye caught the light, and in a swift movement she wiped it away without anyone else having saw it.

I wrote the lead for this song right after that while it was still on my mind, finishing it (wayyyyy) later. This is really old and not exactly mixed/mastered perfectly (or even well), but I’ve grown kind of fond of its roughness.”

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