Thanks for proving that you suck, Gamestop

Some back story: one of Gamestop’s front-and-center Black Friday sales (which starts on Thanksgiving for cynical reasons, or perhaps because calendars are hard) was a used Xbox 360 for 60 dollars that came with a 60 dollars rebate, effectively making it free. “Hey,” thought I, “that would be incredibly handy since the Xbox One hasn’t become backwards compatible with all the games I’d like to review.” I was all prepared to drop a sizable amount of money on a bunch of Xbox 360 games to go along with the console. Then Gamestop made it impossible to do so. I didn’t bother checking time zones to see when the sale started, but I checked the site at around 11:30 PM my time the day before Thanksgiving and it had begun. Most of the Xbox 360s with rebates had already sold out, but there was one on the first page that hadn’t, so I added it to my cart. When I realized that I was currently signed out, though, I signed in and my cart was empty. That’s when the problems started.

Suddenly, nothing worked. I tried the site again and again and always got this page.

A couple minutes later, I opened an “incognito” tab in Chrome. Lo and behold, the site loaded fine, or at least as fine as the lumbering, inadequate mess of their site is capable of being. In the time I had been struggling with error pages, every single rebate Xbox 360 sold out and became unavailable online. Again, one was in my cart.

Just to be absolutely sure that Gamestop had screwed me on this, I tried logging in again, only to get this server error every time. Even in incognito mode. The site worked fine so long as you weren’t foolish enough to try and log in. It’s only now, more than an hour later, that I’m able to log in again. Far too late.

There are probably still some ones available offline, but my city doesn’t have a Gamestop store anymore because we’re people, and people use Amazon. If the online demand is any indication, I’d have to spend hours driving to a Gamestop in another city, (probably) wait in line to beat out others, and then drive all the way back. On Thanksgiving. I refuse; you people really know how to ruin a good thing. I know it doesn’t mean much since I’ve never bothered with your store in the first place, but you can bet that this experience has soured me on ever trying to give you idiots money again. I’d gladly overpay at another store if that were the only available option, and let’s be perfectly honest—the times when you’re competitive are few are far between. Thanks for the complete and utter failure, Gamestop. I was almost tempted to believe you were relevant, but you sure showed me.

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