PS4 Spiderman may be killed by QTEs

Oooh, now there’s a clickbait title for you. It’s definitely reflective of how I currently feel, however, because having had Youtube recommend the E3 2017 trailer for the new PS4 Spiderman game, I think I might be the only sane person left on the planet. All I’ve seen is effusive praise for it, and yet I was incredibly underwhelmed by the fact that the supposed gameplay trailer was about 25% actual gameplay and 75% in-engine cutscenes and QTE sections. It certainly looks nice, but it appears that it’s going to have long, Telltale-esque sections of doing nothing but watching things happen and occasionally mashing a button. And sometimes running in a direction and pressing a button. How exciting!

That’s not an exaggeration, either. I counted 9 separate instances where the game demanded a button be pressed or mashed in a QTE-ish way:

Press the displayed button when it appears!

Mash the displayed button!

Press both displayed buttons at the same time!

Move the icon into the designated area and then press the displayed button!

Repeatedly mash both displayed buttons!

We’re dealing with Quantic Dream levels of QTEs usage right here, and that’s not even getting into the parts that were just an in-engine cutscene where the player has no control whatsoever. Is this really what the game is going to be like? Is that really good enough for a modern game? Can we please rise up in revolution and finally do away with the cancer of QTE sections for good?

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