Escapism – a DKC tale

I don’t particularly care for bananas. They taste strange and feel all smooshy (which, I assure you, is totally a word) in your mouth. All things considered, I barely consider bananas to be fit for human consumption. However, as a MacGuffin that compels two monkeys to embark on an epic journey through beautiful, bee-and-lizard-infested levels? When framed like that, bananas are actually pretty awesome. This is the story of my earliest memory of Donkey Kong Country. Read more →

Final Fantasy 4: A Story of Obsession

I don’t remember the first time I played Final Fantasy 4 (originally released as Final Fantasy 2). However, I remember looking for the game in shops all over, desperately trying to own it. While I never felt it measures up to Final Fantasy 6 or the peerless Chrono Trigger, it’s nonetheless a wonderful game, if only for the many translation quirks and outright errors that make the whole thing so lovably weird. What follows is a true story of obsession that arose from my desire to play the game one more time. Read more →

Why I love Chrono Trigger

I still remember the first time I played Chrono Trigger. I had drooled over it since it came out and I saw pictures of it in Nintendo Power (does that magazine even still exist?), and I just knew that it was an incredible game. It was some kind of psychic connection I had with the game or something. Still, I didn’t even have a Super Nintendo at the time, so it was little more than a dream.

Years later, I was in school and somehow it came up that I owned Super Mario RPG (and a SNES, though I don’t really remember when that happened). This guy came up and offered to lend me Chrono Trigger if I lent SMRPG to him, and thus I had finally acquired the game I so desperately wanted to play, if only temporarily. Everything after that is a bit foggy, but I’m pretty sure I returned it. Maybe. However it happened, I still own Chrono Trigger and have no regrets about it, even if that means that I technically robbed it from a classmate. I mean, I’d have probably set him on fire if that meant keeping it a little longer. Here are a few reasons why I love Chrono Trigger so much: Read more →

Fun with character names: Part 1

Some people consider immaturity a curse, but I think of it more as a gift. Take the following pictures, for example: all it took to bring about these wonderful moments was a natural inclination to replace characters’ normal names with a certain part of the male anatomy. Enjoy the aftermath. Read more →

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