80 Days: How to get the Goland ending

The very first time I played through 80 Days, I stumbled onto Goland, the Mongolian princess who you meet (and are potentially kissed by) while traveling through Russia. It ended rather abruptly, however, and despite my attempts to follow her and find a less bitter resolution, I eventually ran out of money, forcing me to leave it as a dangling plot point that never got tied up. As it turns out, it’s possible to have her appear at the ending, but this requires doing things in a very specific order. I’ve worked out a route that should allow you to get this ending while still making it back within 80 Days, and I’ve made a point to test a number of different things to figure out what triggers this ending and what you should absolutely not do.

Step one: Get to Moscow and travel to Irkutsk

You don’t have to start from Moscow, to be perfectly honest, but I’ve found that it’s the easiest place to get to from your starting point since a lot of places have routes to it. It’s important when you depart from Moscow to only travel as far as Irkutsk, though, because you’ll be jumping off there to follow Goland, and buying a ticket for any further will cause the travel to cost more.

Step two: Dialogue

I make a point to ignore the Roza storyline that plays out because of how boring it is. Shortly after that, you’ll have a chance to visit the library car where Goland is. Now, the save system makes testing every possible conversation impractical, but I can guarantee that following the below dialogue works:

Same with the next bit of dialogue; I don’t know if it’s possible for Fogg to stop you from meeting with Goland, but I’ve never had it happen. Still, I can only vouch for the below dialogue working.

Get off the train at Irkutsk and travel to Urga

You should have Goland’s Mongolian sulde in your inventory. Be sure to hold on to this for the moment, and travel south to Urga:

On the way, you’ll meet some police-types who are looking for someone. That someone will end up stumbling onto your group, and you can choose to either abandon her once you reach Urga or try to sneak her in. Personally, I’ve done both and never been caught, but I suppose the possibility exists. If you want to be entirely safe, you can always leave her to sneak in on her own, but if you’d rather help her out, I always make a point to dress her in someone else’s clothes (you have the choice between Fogg and some other person I can’t remember the name of—don’t choose Fogg) and when given the opportunity, choose the option of speaking loudly in French. There may be other ways to do it, but I’ve managed to sneak her in 100% of the time that way.

Once in Urga, make the right first choices

You’ll be given a number of different possible things to do when you first enter Urga. As far as I know, you can only do a single one out of all of them, and only one of them triggers the Goland ending (so be sure to follow the dialogue below very carefully):

At this point, you should still have the Mongolian sulde. I’ve tested selling it at this point and confirmed that you can still get the ending so long as you sell it at any point after presenting it to the guard. If you’re feeling particularly sentimental, you can hold on to it until the end of the game, at which point one of the Reform Club butlers should put it up on the mantle. Completely pointless? Maybe, but it feels like the right thing to do. Your call.

Travel from Urga to Yokohama

The message that the guard brings back from Goland unlocks a secret route from Urga to Yokohama aboard the Garuda (the very same Garuda Goland showed Passepartout on the train).

Travel from Yokohama to Honolulu

There’s a not-so-secret experimental hovercraft that you can take from Yokohama all the way to Honolulu. You’ll spend the trip solving a little murder mystery, but there are no consequences for failing to solve it, so don’t sweat it.

If you want to actually know what happened, be sure to grill Mademoiselle Carlotta for all the details you can squeeze out of her, then visit the crime scene and choose the option to “imagine the crime.” Choose that you suddenly felt very sorry for the victim (though I don’t think your choice here makes a difference, I can guarantee that one), and when the boat lists immediately after, be sure to “look over the controls, fearing disaster.” Then conclude that it’s “presumably a regular function of the boat that keeps it upright.” After that, do whatever you want: you have enough information to put all the pieces together and nab the murderer. If you fail to come to the correct conclusion when everyone is rounded up, remember to back out of the app while the dialogue screen is still up. This should reset the game and allow you try again.

Travel from Honolulu to Lima

While everything after Urga is just my own personal recommendation, Lima is the next area required for unlocking Goland’s ending. You may have to travel to Panama City if you haven’t unlocked a direct route to Lima from Honolulu, but either way is fine.

Travel from Lima to Tabatinga

This is also important, because it’s during this portion of the journey that you’ll meet gyrocopter pilot and photography enthusiast Monsieur Quispe. I always make a point to treat him nicely, but being a complete jerk also works.

Sleep in Tabatinga for three nights, then travel to Bogota with Quispe

This is the part that no doubt trips many people up: you have to waste three days in Tabatinga until Quispe shows up and gives you a complimentary ride to Bogota:

Have Monsieur Quispe take your picture

This is absolutely crucial: once you land in Bogota, remember to thank Quispe for his generosity instead of running off as fast as possible. The reason for this is that he takes your picture after you thank him, and this is how Goland ends up finding you in the end.

Make it back to London within 80 Days

If you followed my route, you should have made good enough time to make it back to London within the 80 Days. How you do so is entirely up to you, but I typically travel to Caracas and then Freetown. From there, you just have to travel north until you reach London. Nice and simple, but I’m sure there are plenty of other routes you can take.

Once you arrive back in London (provided you’re in time to win the wager), you should get the fairly-unremarkable ending where Goland shows up. It may be a small, relatively unremarkable change in the ending dialogue, but it’s very satisfying if, like me, you had things end bitterly the first time you met her.

Click here for the short version of my recommended route without all the commentary.

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