Dipping my toes into the Youtube

Youtube isn’t something I’ve ever taken particularly seriously, with its role mostly boiling down to hosting the thousands of random unlisted videos I eventually end up embedding into reviews and progress logs, but yesterday I started a new channel and decided to start trying to build up a more serious presence there. I’m calling it “the good and bad of,” and the idea is to condense each game’s pros and cons into a nice and concise video. Ideally, the channel will grow and grow and eventually eclipse this site in a way that benefits it. More likely, I’ll get bored of the extra work after a few weeks and leave it to rot like I have so many channels before. Either way, feel free to check it out and/or pass it around. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

My new Youtube channel.

Since I created it yesterday, there’s obviously not much content there, but I spent the day playing through bits of Gravity Rush 2 again to make a video on it:

The first video I uploaded was of Shantae: Friends to the End, though I’m not quite as happy with the timing of the fadeouts (or font, which I’ve since changed):

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