Where to find the golden axe in Wulverblade

Wulverblade draws a certain degree of inspiration from arcade and Genesis/Mega Drive classic Golden Axe, right up to including a literal golden axe that you can find. It’s insanely powerful, though sadly breakable like all strong attack weapons. Since I got the achievement for finding it and keep getting messaged about its location, I figure no one has pointed out where it actually is yet. It turns out that it’s hidden in one of those surprisingly obvious ways; in the fourth stage, there’s a cliff edge that you jump off of. Rather than jumping off right away, you can jump onto a second, lower path that wraps back around into a cave, and the axe is inside there. Read more →

I spent some time relearning 1080 Snowboarding

Sure, I already reviewed 1080 Snowboarding for the N64 (though it was one of those awful early reviews), but I recently bought a cheap RCA to HDMI upscaler and wanted to test out the quality of recordings made through it. Up to this point, I’ve had to rely on emulators for N64 games, but they’re never quite as accurate as you’d hope, and that’s why I’ve more or less stopped reviewing games for the system. Recording straight from the original hardware can be enlightening, as in, “wow, I can’t believe how much slowdown there is in this game.” As in, this game, 1080 Snowboarding. Getting a handle on it way back when it was new was difficult, and it’s no wonder since the slowdown has an ugly habit of messing with the timing. Read more →

Music: “Lore”

I have a bad habit of making songs, only to stuff them into a metaphorical drawer where they’re unlikely to see the light of day again. This particular track is one of my favorites from that drawer, and it’s actually a theme song for a character from a book I’ve fully sketched out. Sadly, the book was also put into the drawer for the time being thanks to a lack of time (and an annoying habit of winging it for entire chapters that started to create inconvenient plot holes—being a critic makes it incredibly hard to let that stuff go, and it’s easy to lose enthusiasm after screwing up the third rewrite), but the theme song remains where the book has yet to materialize. Read more →

Reflecting on my year without Square-Enix

I’m not going to go into another rant about how disappointed I am with Square-Enix’s behavior as far as the DRM and general money-grubbing customer unfriendliness is concerned, but suffice it to say that the amount of money they received from me in 2016 was much less than I gave them in 2015, and that experience led me to make a promise with myself that I wouldn’t allow them to have a single cent from me in 2017. Now that 2018 has begun, it’s nice to no longer feel bound by that restriction, though there were definitely some major positives that came out of the experience. Also, I don’t think that I spent any money on Ubisoft or EA either, but that wasn’t the result of a personal boycott. They just made nothing good or interesting in 2017. Read more →

Vacation over; back to work

Christmas (and some change) is over, and as much as I’d love to sit around relaxing until 2018 begins, there’s way too much to do. Do you hear me, New Year’s Eve and Day? You’re nothing but an arbitrary point that allows people to procrastinate taking down a better holiday’s decorations, and I shan’t mindlessly observe you.

(Also, I was given an Xbox 360 as a present, the significance of which hit me like a brick after Thanksgiving. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few 2018 reviews of 360 games that haven’t been made backwards compatible with the Xbox One yet.)

I’m taking a few days off for Christmas

I’ve been hitting things pretty hard lately, posting almost every day for several months now, and it’s been exhausting. That type of pace will resume when I get back, but I do need to take some time away to make room for the holidays lest I end up visited by sanctimonious ghosts/spirits/angels intent on teaching me a lesson.

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