Trapt: Progress Log #8

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You know what I just realized? You can skip through cutscenes, but only certain ones. I thought that all of them were unskippable after trying to skip a few annoying ones and not being able to, but apparently this comes and goes randomly.

This is Mission 8: Bye Bye Best Character, Revenging The Crap Out Of Her Killer With A Fiery Boulder, And Finally Getting Some Information On Timenoids So That This Game Can Rightfully Be Considered A Kagero Sequel.

The side mission involves Allura in the sewers coming across some kind of illegal meeting and being confused for an arms dealer or something. It has nothing to do with anything, and what’s really annoying is that she runs off and can get away if you don’t finish her off quickly. I actually had to reload my save and try again because she got away the first time and deprived me of that sweet, sweet extra Warl.

The sewers are an awkward place to fight because of all the elevation changes, so I resolve to hit her with flare rocks. Only, she runs forward a bit so that I can’t hit her a second time. That means that I’m stuck trying to push her back, but Allura’s constantly slipping to either side and getting hit by close-range attacks in the meantime. Then I drop a rock on top of Allura because I’m an idiot, and the smuggler or whatever shoots her while she’s down. Not a moment I’m proud of. Thankfully, I set up the springboard for exactly this purpose, and it successfully launches her back under the flare rock in time for me to finish her off.

In the last progress log, I mentioned that we didn’t see Ada’s moment of death. There was a sliver of hope to that, but that small measure of hope is quickly dashed as mission 8 begins with her dying in front of Allura. So much for the game ending with a super awesome best friends murder spree. She explains that Finnegan killing her proves that there’s some secret plot behind all of this, but she doesn’t know much beyond the fact that it was a little weird that he stabbed her. It doesn’t matter, though, because we heard her entire theory while eavesdropping in the last mission.

The first wave here has a thunder mage, and their projectiles apparently arc to follow you, making them especially difficult to avoid. I take a lot of damage figuring things out in this room, and while I have my flare rock and springboard covering both possible squares at the top of the stairs, I can’t seem to hit with the buzzsaw on top of that (and if I use it first, it’ll propel them backwards away from the rest of the trap). I’m starting to think that the buzzsaw wasn’t a very good investment.

By the time the last enemy appears, I’ve taken quite a bit of damage and no healing area seems to be nearby. I run past him in the hopes that the next area has one.

No dice, but I manage to set up the buzzsaw to hit him as soon as he enters the room, knocking him back to a spot where my flare rock can drop on top of him.

Finnegan shows up and starts talking about people who had blue blood and used souls for the sake of their own immortality. We’re finally talking about Timenoids. I was starting to think that Trapt had nothing in common with the original Kagero and that the (Japanese-only) “Kagero II” title was a cheap marketing ploy.

Anyway, Finnegan explains that he was obsessed with legends of these blue-blooded people, and that his ancestors served them before Timenoids disappeared. Apparently the Fiend factors into this in some way, and whoever kills someone with the Fiend’s power gets that power transferred to them. Finnegan decides to kill us and steal our power to be a better Timenoid servant or something. Shrug.

Finnegan is annoying as hell. If you’re close enough to see when he’s on top of one of your traps, you’re most likely in range of his dash attack that moves so quickly that you don’t have a chance to hit him. If you stay really close to keep him from doing that, he can chain a ton of hits together and do a massive amount of damage. My health in the picture above is from one dash attack and one series of chained attacks. It’s ridiculous how much stronger he is than the other people I’ve faced.

He’s joined by yet another religious person who’s helping him for some reason. He’s basically trying to steal the power of the devil by committing murder, so someone barging in and helping while proclaiming their allegiance to God isn’t exactly sending a clear message. I think the kingdom might be in the middle of an inquisition.

Oh. Well that makes slightly more sense, then.

The flare rock does a lot of damage, but it hitting only once keeps it from living up to its potential. I found a fun way of getting multiple hits in with it, though—I springboard enemies into the wall, drop the flare rock on them, then use a push wall to push both them and the rock. This causes the rock to hit them a second time, and this setup can one-shot basically anyone at this point in the game.

Jais fails to read the room and congratulates Allura on her talent for murder while she looks all mopey about it (or maybe the brain damage causes her to look constantly depressed regardless of her mood—with Allura you never know). You’d think she’d have gotten used to killing by now considering her body count is well into the double digits, but hey, depressed mood aside, at least we didn’t have to wait long to avenge Ada. Games where you spend hours and hours chasing someone down while they escape in increasingly improbable ways are the worst.

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