Trapt: Progress Log #7

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Welcome to Mission 7: The One Where I Was Totally Wrong About Finnegan And The Game Basically Makes You Play Through Three Levels In A Row With A Bunch of Annoying Ice Mages While Getting Irritated That You Can’t Skip Through Cutscenes. Also, Slowdown Because This Game Has So Much Slowdown.

“I’m going to leave you completely unsupervised for a few moments. What are the chances that groups upon groups of enemies find you in the meantime?”

Dear, sweet, naive Jais.

They find Allura mere seconds after he runs ahead, naturally. This first group is annoying because not only is there an ice mage, but also a big armored guy who can shrug off my giant falling boulder without taking damage or even being knocked down. That really throws a hitch in my preferred strategy. Eventually I settle on using a buzzsaw on the wall that eventually leads to a spring board, and if I time it right, I can hit enemies with both, knocking them into the giant rotating spike thing on the wall (the game calls it a “pulverizer”). I also tried chaining a pendulum/flare rock on top of that, but both were kind of hard to hit with and I stopped bothering.

This group did a lot of damage to Allura; between the game’s slowdown when things get chaotic, the precise timing required to chain together my traps, and the awkward camera controls, it was surprisingly easy to completely lose track of where enemies were and get surprised. I think the ice mage might have actually been teleporting, or maybe she’s just fast coming around the other way. This mob suuucks.

I eventually finish them all off, though, and get a cutscene that leads into yet another mob. This is something the game has been doing lately, but this is the point where it starts to really annoy me. That and the fact that cutscenes can’t be skipped, which makes me less willing to restart levels. Anyway, this cutscene is super rape-y, with a guy showing up and talking about how the princess is all alone and in need of his “protection.” I think I need a shower. Or to horribly murder this guy.

This group goes down a bit easier than the last, and while the archer necessitates dodging her arrows for a bit, I eventually manage to get her standing right in front of my buzzsaw to begin my trap combo. Boom, another mob down.

We get a cutscene where Ada is talking to Finnegan about how she thinks that the king is actually alive and that the guy who died was a body double. He didn’t talk at the beginning of the game, so there might be something to that. We also find out that it was Ada who did the murdering in the first place. Finnegan suddenly seems really interested in her firsthand experience of Allura using the power of the Fiend, only to stab Ada in the back like a total dick the second she turns around.

Brother of the year right here. Needless to say, I was totally 100% wrong about Finnegan. I thought for sure that he was lying when he agreed to kill her, but he was evidently on board with the plan. That only makes it all the weirder that he basically sacrificed his entire group of royal assassins earlier, though. Maybe he’s secretly working with the not-dead king, and Hertzog and Catalina’s plotting is a separate conspiracy entirely? That’s the only way all of this makes sense to me, at least.

We don’t see Ada’s moment of death, but I don’t think it’s likely that she’ll return to co-host our murder spree. Way to kill your best character halfway through, Trapt.

Jais jumps out from around the corner, he and Allura having heard the entire exchange, and Finnegan is weirdly reluctant to attack or kill him. I mean, he killed his own sister for being too nosy, but Graines’ second-in-command gets a “join me, and together we’ll rule the galaxy as father dude and son other dude”? Weak.

Finnegan casually saunters out of the room, and since Jais jumped out and left Allura three feet behind him, she’s of course ambushed by yet another group of soldiers. The room you start out in here sucks, though, being claustrophobic and generally difficult to avoid enemies in (and the room traps are terrible, too), so I head for the door and hope that wherever the hallway leads to is better.


The chandelier catches my eye, but only until I see that the throne itself is electrified. The columns can be knocked down, too. In fact, this room has so much happening that I’m bound to have trouble figuring out which switches trigger what room traps in the middle of dodging attacks. I make sure to put a springboard down right in front of the throne, though, because I want to kill someone that way so bad. I can’t help but be a little curious about why the king (or current occupant) would electrify their own throne, though. That would have certainly been a much easier path to regicide.

Did I mention that I hate ice mages? This room is a mess of things happening, and enemies are getting hit with spiked walls and flame-throwing statues and a Tesla Machine-type thing on the wall that shoots bolts of electricity down on top of anyone a tile or two in front of the door. The flame-throwing statue has a switch to the side of the throne, but I have no idea what triggers the other stuff. I manage to kill two or three enemies by springing them into the throne, though, and it’s pretty entertaining.

A results screen pops up for the third and final time, and I can’t help but feel a little bitter about how long this mission lasted (and how pointless two-thirds of it ended up being). Still, shooting people into hazards never ceases to be fun, so I’m still enjoying myself overall. The slowdown is really starting to become a drag, though.

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