Trapt: Progress Log #5

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This is Mission 5: A Mostly Filler Mission Consisting Of Cultists Fulfilling A Weird Demonic Suicide Pact And Allura Staying With Rachel Like A Total Idiot.

Not long ago, I purchased a new boulder that did more damage. Sadly, I wasn’t paying attention, and its cooldown turned out to be longer than the normal one, so the past few missions have required dodging around enemies while waiting for my giant murder boulder to actually become available. Thankfully, this “flare rock” showed up in the shop and does more damage while having the cooldown of the first giant murder rock, so hopefully things go a bit faster now.

The mission starts with Allura choosing to stay with Rachel instead of going with Ada or Mayte (wizard-tease’s apprentice). Is it just me, or does Rachel have psycho eyes? They decide to split up to find a way to break whatever pact Allura ended up a part of—which is rich considering it was Rachel’s fault, and probably even her intention—and I can’t help but feel that she’s not the kind of person I’d want running around a mansion full of murder contraptions and demonic pact doors.

Speaking of pacts, this group of Fiend cultists shows up and starts talking about how they’re excited to be killed by Allura, and how the devil is totally going to make the world a better place. I suppose they’re not technically wrong in the sense that a world where all life was thrown into a giant mechanical clock that doubles as a wood chipper would have no suffering in it, but it’s still kind of embarrassing to have your death cult revolve around a technicality. Also, you can look at who the next wave of intruders will be before the mission starts and read little writeups about who they are, and the second guy from the right (in the silly ice mage hat) served the king as a mage and apparently loves Allura like a granddaughter despite her having since become a living embodiment of the central figure in his death cult. Awkward.

Needless to say, we feed him to the giant murder machine. Despite coming here exactly for this reason, he looks distinctly unenthused about what’s happening to him, but I imagine he’s smiling on the inside as the gears tear his body apart.

Yet another person barges in demanding to know what I did to someone they know. It’s really hard to follow who you’re mad about me murdering when you people don’t use names. I can only assume that this is a family trait and the lady from before who I murdered over a misunderstanding was his mother, in which case I quickly reunite the pair and end the level. This mission has “filler” written all over it.

Suddenly, Jais bursts in and looks wounded. I don’t think our buddy Graines made it, so going with Mayte to where he was holed up might have proven an even worse option than staying with Rachel. The mission ends before Jais can give me any details, though, because this game is very dramatic about how it presents things.

Wait, the giant room trap is a music box? I mean, it plays music, but so do grandfather clocks. Huh. I thought I was being all clever feeding the guy who thinks of himself as some kind of surrogate grandfather to a giant grandfather clock, but now that doesn’t work at all. Not going to lie, this kind of makes me want to buy keys to access the mansion’s other rooms in case they have more poetic room traps.

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