Trapt: Progress Log #2

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Trapt’s missions don’t have names [update: yes they do, and I’m an idiot for somehow not noticing], and the mission-by-mission structure of the game doesn’t offer many opportunities to do things between missions to catch everyone up on in these little pre-log writeups, so I’m going to instead spend this time giving them accurate names. This is Mission 2: More People Come To The Mansion So Allura Kills Them With Giant Boulders, Floor Bombs, and Buzzsaws.

Oh yeah, I bought a buzzsaw. It’s a wall trap and the saw seems to go on for a long time (maybe forever until it hits an obstacle, but I’m not 100% on that). It’s great for hitting enemies in the back and sending them flying across the room. It may not do a massive amount of damage, but it’s important to enjoy the small things in life.

And death. Of others. Obviously.

The mission starts with Rachel showing up heavily wounded. She collapses onto the floor as two intruders enter the mansion, which defeats the entire point of her being a diversion. I swear, Rachel is doing this on purpose. Worst handmaiden ever.

One of the intruders is an archer, while the other does melee attacks. Melee attackers are fairly easy to get a handle on, as they run at you and are easily led into traps. Archers are slightly more tricky, since they stop a short distance away from you and start shooting. You have to run around a bit farther from them before they follow and come into range of your traps (the buzzsaw is really useful here). The plan is to use a pendulum trap to hit that giant impale-y thing on top of someone.

My Deception skills are clearly rusty, as I walk right under it without thinking and get hit with my own trap. In my defense, though, it falls whenever you’re under it, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense from a physics point of view. Still, it worked, so I’m calling this a victory even if I fell prey to my own trap like an idiot.

You don’t notice it so much during gameplay because it comes and goes relatively quickly, but the screen blurs like crazy whenever someone’s hit by a trap. That’s going to make getting good shots of the chaos weirdly difficult, which sucks.

I manage to kill the two intruders between Allura’s bouts of unintentional self-harming, and a cutscene plays where Rachel wakes up and then acts totally fine even though she looked like she was bleeding out a moment ago. She tells me that this mystery woman who showed up out of nowhere is a thief named Ada and asks why she came to this mansion that Rachel herself explained was once owned by the royal family. That’s kind of like asking a fox why it’s in the hen house.

Before Ada can respond, though, the scene shifts to Catalina, who’s embraced her newfound widow status and already started flirting with this Hertzog guy. He’s totally not into it, though, and instead calls for someone named Finnegan. The reason for this is presumably to have him murder Allura, though it needs to be stated that Hertzog is putting out some serious gay vibes, and asking Finnegan to “take on another assignment” sounds like the kind of thing that has a double meaning.

Possibly related: if you rearrange the letters in Lord Hertzog, it says “log hertz rod.”

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