Trapt: Progress Log #15

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All right, going through Trapt one mission at a time was nice and relaxing, but getting all three endings is the opposite of that. Mostly because I wanted to unlock all of the new traps that you can buy after each, which means that this particular progress log required playing through the game two additional times in one day. Some observations on things I missed the first time around: mission 13 with the mages is awful if you play fair because it can easily screw you over with magic spamming, Catalina can disable your traps in mission 11 (she never got the opportunity to do so when I first faced her), and the cutscenes that are and aren’t skippable are weirdly random and never consistently plot-important or plot-unimportant.

This is Mission 15: Allura Damsels Out So Hard That Gravity Feels Embarrassed On Her Behalf And Intervenes, And We Snag The Other Two Endings That Are Demonstrably Worse Than The One We Got In Progress Log 14.

This is the mission 15 “A” side story that I missed out on by finishing the game at mission 14 on my first playthrough. This is actually from my third playthrough where I got the “C” ending since the side stories alternate between the “A” and “B” sets, but it’s what you can expect to see if you don’t fight with Rachel on your first playthrough. In it, you fight the original Kagero’s Millennia (which is misspelled as Millenia because of course it is—I’m going to go with the actual game’s spelling).

Like Rachel, Millennia can trigger your traps, forcing you to avoid running within range of them. This fight would have probably been really frustrating if I hadn’t replayed the game twice and obtained the Death Iron trap from the “B” ending, because it almost single-handedly beats her. It doesn’t move unreasonably fast, so it’s pretty easy to dodge if she triggers it, and she has a bad habit of mistiming when it’ll land, walking right into it or the electricity trail it leaves behind (which opens her up to things like a well-placed flare rock). I can’t help but feel bad beating up a character I like so much more than Allura, though. Everything about Millennia is unique, from the distinctive mark on her back to the way her game refused to turn her into the generic damsel that Allura so often becomes in cutscenes.

Okay, here we are. If you refuse to fight Rachel, you jump right into mission 15 and are given the opportunity to make/equip new traps. Depending on whether you’re after the “B” or “C” ending, this either doesn’t matter or is crucial to your success. The screenshots below will cover the “B” ending (which I got by accident because of my own stupidity), with the “C” ending being so stressful that I couldn’t find the time to make screenshots during it. There will be videos of both at the end, though.

Mission 15 starts with Allura being too weak and ineffectual to harm Rachel even after getting stabbed. I hate this side of her so much. Like, I can tolerate her braindead behavior and general stupidity, but getting stabbed by a psychopath because you can’t muster the slightest bit of fight is just embarrassing.

Gravity agrees, as the Fiend starts to be revived and the mansion begins shaking, only for a giant piece of the ceiling to fall on top of Rachel, instantly killing her. The sound effect that accompanies her death is priceless and I seriously recommend watching the embedded video of the “B” ending at the end to hear it for yourself. It’s so good that it’s almost worth not being able to kill Rachel yourself. Almost.

Rachel being pancaked by rubble apparently counts as one of Allura’s kills, as the fiend is finally revived. He immediately goes all Old Testament on everyone, knocking Jais away and making it rain blood inside the mansion.

He tells Allura that he hungers for her. I’m not 100% on why he can’t hypnotize her like he does in the “A” ending, but I’m choosing to think that he witnessed how weak she was when Rachel attacked and figured he didn’t need to even bother.

The fight against the devil commences, and the first thing you realize is that he’s completely immune to all traps. After awhile I checked his bio and saw that it hinted that things would change if he was hit with a certain attack, which was obviously hinting at a Dark Illusion, so I experimented and eventually realized that knocking some rubble over caused glowing lines to appear. I cleared most of the rubble so that it made a glowing rectangle, then led him inside, but nothing happened and I figured that I needed to clear some more. I ran through it assuming that the Dark Illusion wasn’t yet active, only to realize that it’s triggered by the very middle instead of being triggered by just moving inside the glowing area. Then Allura died.

Basically, I killed myself with my own Dark Illusion. One intended for the devil himself. Dying in the fight doesn’t give you the option to try again, either, or even the normal game over screen. Instead, dying during this fight earns you the “B” ending in which the devil possesses Allura’s body as per usual, but then Allura-Fiend meets up with an unaware Jais and they both leave the mansion as her trap arm glows.

This is dumb. Lame. Stupid. A waste of time. Where is Mayte? What happens afterwards? Who thought that walking down a path made for a sufficient ending?

Anyway, I kept playing to get the “C” ending where I actually beat the devil, and it was on that playthrough that my total Ark went over 100,000, which gives you the ability to buy the same clothes that Reina (from Deception III) wore in her game for 100,000 Warl. No way can I afford that without another 2-3 playthroughs given how many traps I’ve bought. Apparently Millennia’s clothes similarly become available after your Ark goes over 300,000, and they can be bought for 200,000 Warl.

I want, but the amount of grinding required would probably make me hate the game, defeating the entire point of getting them in the first place.

Here’s the video for the “B” ending. I cut the beginning stuff like Rachel being crushed from the “C” ending video (because it took a bunch of tries and sitting through the same cutscene over and over was getting annoying), so this is the one to watch if you want to see Rachel pancaked and the ceiling raining blood.

Like I just said, I skipped the cutscenes before the fight for this video because the Fiend is surprisingly difficult to beat. Getting the Dark Illusion set up and triggered is fairly easy once you know better than to step on it yourself, but that only means that he can be damaged by one trap at a time. The game doesn’t slow down and allow you to chain tons of traps together. Instead, you have to use a small handful of them to slowly smack the life out of him. The Evil Kick and Devil Upper traps (high-level wall and floor traps) are both useful and can be set up in a choke point, and the Death Hammer you get after the “A” ending is also really helpful for hitting him.

His normal attack hits a wide area and does a lot of damage, but it’s pretty easy to avoid. After the Dark Illusion, though, he gets a second attack that he uses a lot. He uses it when he stops and makes a weird pose, and it involves shooting a ton of things all around that aren’t so easily avoided. You should be fine if you keep moving, but if you get hit, he can chain his normal attack on top and take out a huge chunk of your health (6:48 in the video). Basically, be patient, check the trap screen to see where he is whenever you lose track of him, and never stop running.

This ending also kind of sucks compared to the “A” ending, but it’s definitely much better than the “B” ending. In it, Allura successfully beats the devil and then her and Jais go to the throne room. Jais looks for survivors and there are a bunch of legionnaires hiding out of sight, and since Allura presumably can’t use traps anymore, her reign is bound to be a painful one lasting mere minutes.

That does it for the endings, but I also got video of the entire “B” set of side stories. I’ll post all of those in the next progress log, and then we’ll be done with Trapt.

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