Soul Calibur 2: Progress Log #2

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There’s this deeply OCD side of me that doesn’t like leaving things unfinished, so I’ve been working my way through Soul Calibur 2’s weapon master mode on the side after getting into it awhile back. I wouldn’t say that I’m hooked, because that implies a certain amount of fun that the gimmicks tend to ruin for me, but it’s enjoyable enough that I continued playing even after unlocking my go-to character.

Seong Mi-na is finally unlocked

This video picks up where the “unlocking stuff” video from the last progress log ended. Basically, Xianghua leans heavily on a single move that the CPU isn’t great at blocking and slowly unlocks stuff that way. At the very end of the video, Seong Mi-na (in this game referred to as “Seung Mina,” possibly as the result of a character limit) is fought and unlocked. Which is great, because I have much more experience using her. All of that experience comes from the first and third Soul Calibur, neither of which I’ve played in years, but her attacks feel pretty familiar regardless.

Here’s a video of me making it through arcade mode with her without using a continue. This is immediately after she was unlocked, too, so you can see me relearning some of her moves on the fly. Now, the great thing about Seong Mi-na is that her attacks tend to either do a lot of damage, or knock enemies back. That’s great for getting ring-out victories, obviously. The only downside is that a lot of her moves can be avoided by sidestepping, which thankfully isn’t much of a problem since the default arcade mode difficulty is fairly generous. Still, against a human player or a harder bot, using her requires much more caution and planning.

The empty spots in the character select menu were bothering me because I didn’t remember who else could be unlocked, so I dived right back in to weapon master mode. Sadly, it wasn’t until later that I realized that it was possible to change your character (very unobservant), which means I continued playing as Xianghua rather than Seong Mi-na. Nothing of note was unlocked, sadly, as there are a million unlockable weapons and miscellaneous modes that aren’t all that interesting.

I also have the HD version for Xbox 360/One

Soul Calibur 2 HD is an Xbox 360 remastering of the game that’s mostly 1:1 as far as I can tell (though the aspect ratio and resolution are obviously improved, and there’s also online multiplayer). This version is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, though the gameplay above was played on an Xbox 360. I’m thinking that I’ll try to unlock a bunch of stuff in both versions while keeping an eye out for similarities and differences. That way I can review both of them simultaneously when I finally learn the game well enough to call out all of its pros and cons.

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