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Replaying a little bit of Donkey Kong Country

The original Donkey Kong Country has long been one of my favorite games, and it’s one of a small handful of games that I used to dive into to unwind after particularly stressful days. Time was seriously at a premium today, so I decided to use what little of it I had to play through the first two worlds like the old days rather than trying to get into something else that would require more of a time investment.

I don’t know why recording from my Super Nintendo causes that green line during darker scenes; I don’t remember encountering any artifacts like that when testing the system not long ago, and that makes figuring out the problem especially difficult. It could be related to the cheap SNES power cord replacement (my money’s on this being the case), the RCA cable, the RCA to HDMI upscaler, or some issue with the console itself. Since SNES emulation is even easier than recording from the actual console, I’m not exactly raring to waste a ton of time I don’t have digging into the problem for what’s ultimately a more faithful, but nevertheless lesser quality video.