Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #1

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One of the things I really don’t care for about Path of Radiance (and Fire Emblem 7, too) is how far it goes turning the early levels into tutorials. It’s understandable wanting to get new players eased into things, but at the same time, it makes replaying the game once you already know how it works a bit of a drag. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #0

I’m waiting on all kinds of releases this month, and what I end up playing/what falls through the cracks is kind of up in the air right now, so I needed something to occupy myself in the meantime. Something highly structured like Trapt that lends itself to these kinds of posts. Something most people haven’t played. Something that I know well enough to temporarily drop for a new release without losing track of what I was doing. Since I reviewed the older Fire Emblem games back when my reviews were much less competent, it felt like the right time to jump back into Path of Radiance (which has been left ignored by most thanks to its comically steep price) and cover things more fully. After that, we’ll get into my favorite game ever: Radiant Dawn.

[Update: I’m changing this log number to 0 because the game starts with a prologue chapter. That way chapter numbers and progress log entries can line up.] Read more →

Shantae – Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest (DLC): Progress Log #3 [END]

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Okay, I’ve finished the DLC and have a few thoughts. Mostly positive (like “I’m glad there was only the one sliding section in the game”), but there’s also some criticism mixed in there, mostly centered around how Pirate Queen’s Quest occasionally comes across like it was made more out of begrudging Kickstarter obligation than an actual desire to create something unique and interesting. I think the way Risky’s story ends highlights that, though it might be even more apparent when it comes to chests, which seem to be in the same places as in Half-Genie Hero for the most part. Doors that used to lead to little mini-challenges are often missing, too, replaced with the chests that you’d normally expect to have to work a little harder to obtain. Don’t get me wrong—I’m a fan of the overall end result, but I definitely like it a little less than Half-Genie Hero, which I liked a little less than Pirate’s Curse. Read more →

Shantae – Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest (DLC): Progress Log #2

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You know what’s really annoying? The fact that the Xbox One doesn’t let you copy videos and screenshots onto a thumb drive like the Playstation 4 does. Instead you have to go through and upload everything one at a time so that you can download it onto your computer (and then upload the videos onto Youtube), and sometimes the upload speed freaks out. Like just now when I went to upload everything and it was taking around 10 minutes to upload a single 15 megabyte file. That’s ridiculous, and when I restarted the console and finally uploaded everything at the normal speed, only four videos actually uploaded for some reason. Because of that, I finished two levels and only have video from part of one. Xbox does a lot of good things with backwards compatibility, but getting media off the console is inexcusably bad. Read more →

Shantae – Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest (DLC): Progress Log #1

Does the header image depict pirate queen Risky Boots firing a homing missile at Half-Genie Hero’s Giga Mermaid boss, you ask? It does indeed, dear reader (slash hypothetical-spewing voice in my head). That’s one of those things in Risky’s arsenal that didn’t exist in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and that required a little figuring out on my part. I mean, if there are tutorials for that kind of stuff, I somehow managed to miss them. Even the menu doesn’t do much to tell you how things work, so it took me a second to figure out that right trigger (I’m playing on an Xbox One since that’s what I have the base game on) triggers the pirate hat used to float. That’s the same as in Pirate’s Curse, but the ~15 months and ~40 game reviews since have done a wonderful job of dulling my memories of its control scheme. Read more →

Recore – Definitive Edition: Progress Log #3 [END]

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Okay, that was dumb. Not on my part, of course—I went above and beyond trying to figure out what to do against the invincible boss facing me at the end of the last progress log instead of just dropping the game like a sane person. No, I mean the problem was so dumb that I legitimately can’t tell if it was a bug or some kind of poorly communicated grinding mechanism like the prismatic cores. Again, I’m going to cover my experiences here chronologically, and they’re again going to get a little positive before veering sharply into the heart of “why would any sane person design something like this”-ness. Before that, though, a broad take on the game and the Definitive Edition’s additions: the original Recore was mediocre beyond words, and while the update alleviates some of the busywork and tedium ever so slightly, it does nothing to address the fundamental issues of bugs, exploration being punished with radiation deaths, weak story content (the new story stuff is laughably thin), and mandatory busywork that ruin the game. There’s a small step in the right direction here, but then two more steps backwards into a volcano. This is beyond saving. Read more →

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