Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #3

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I’ve officially reached the point of obsession with this game where everything becomes “I’ll take a break as soon as I get to [place] and [do thing],” and the specific points mentioned are always pushed back and replaced with new ones. This is one of those “look up and realize that it’s 2 AM” games. I even got so caught up playing that I ran out of time to write about what I was doing and had to post something else for the day yesterday (thankfully I had a few pre-written things saved for such an occurrence). That said, I don’t think that I like this quite as much as the first Original Sin. I’ve run into situations where I accessed areas out of order and had people reference things I wasn’t aware of yet, and there are all kinds of little bugs I’ve run into like animation turning off and an ally skating around. Persuasion feels weirdly arbitrary compared to the rock-paper-scissors approach the first game had, too, and the twisty-turny area design and (slightly) less stylized visuals have made it much easier to get lost. It’s still leagues above most games, of course, and complaining about such things while admitting that it’s sucking up almost all of my free time is probably reaching a bit, but there are definitely a few rough edges here. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #6

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This is another one of those deceptively important chapters, though unlike chapter 3, we don’t have to worry about missing something that will make it impossible to recruit a later character. The extra layers of strategy covered in this chapter will become incredibly important later, though, and there’s also a little bit of lore stuff that’ll be interesting to look back on once we get toward the end of Radiant Dawn. Read more →

Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #2

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Okay, I’m finally comfortable enough with the controls to be able to say that holding control and clicking causes characters to attack without needing to go through the menu. Playing is still fraught with awkwardness (it’s especially hard to move things around without accidentally hitting someone and initiating combat), but things are definitely going much smoother now than when I first started playing. Read more →

Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #1

The first Divinity: Original Sin is something I covered three years ago and still have incredibly fond memories of. I never got around to playing the Enhanced Edition version, though, and since the ending was allegedly reworked (whatever that means), I’m coming into Original Sin 2 feeling like a total newcomer. I don’t remember the characters, the mechanics are taking some time to get used to, and I’m kind of wondering why the buttons are so horribly small. Still, thus far it’s had almost all of the charm of the first, though it hurts a little to play through a Larian game that doesn’t have a Kirill Pokrovsky soundtrack. Which isn’t to say that the music is bad. It’s just one of those weird things that takes some getting used to. Read more →

Maize: Progress Log #2 [END]

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In the last progress log, I mentioned that I was probably a little over halfway through the game. It turns out that I was slightly under halfway through and there was quite a bit left to go. Having now finished it, I can say that Maize is one of those games that gets better and better the further you play, but explaining why that is in any meaningful detail would require spoiling some of the most entertaining things that happen. Things best experienced when you don’t see them coming. This makes talking about it especially tricky since the only things safe to post would be those highlighting graphical bugs and little flaws like that, and that would be a one-sided portrayal of what Maize is like as a whole since there are great moments that render such imperfections meaningless. It’s time for some super vague praise! Read more →

Maize: Progress Log #1

Maize is a weird little game, and one that I hadn’t heard of until I saw that it was getting a console release. Apparently it had a PC release in December 2016 and was one of those titles that slipped under my radar when things started to get busy. I’ve now played through what feels like half-ish (or possibly slightly more) of the game and can confidently say a few things about it. First, it doesn’t make a particularly good first impression. I managed to get stuck and have to restart the game within my first minute of playing, which set off all kinds of alarm bells. Second, the humor and adventure-game-meets-walking-simulator style give the whole thing an incredibly weird (but nevertheless relaxed) vibe. Third, there are a whole lot of oranges, and the way they block off areas is undeniably game-y. Fourth, I’m enjoying myself quite a bit now despite the issues I’ve encountered. This is one of those humor-centric games where the constant self-awareness is charming enough to make nagging little imperfections easily forgivable things. Thus far, at least. Read more →

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