Omega Quintet: Progress Log #8 [END]

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Chapters 9 and 10 are mercifully short as far as the sidequest fluff is concerned, and the final two boss fights proved to be total pushovers (neither of them even got a single attack in before being chain attacked to death). Which is to say that I got the true ending. Talk about a relief; a scene rolled around that’s similar to what I’ve heard of the bad ending, but everyone made it out okay and Aria joined the party again. Then there were just a few bosses standing in the way between me and being done with the game. There are plot holes you could drive a bus through, and the amount of meaningless busywork required for the good ending precludes a “good” review, but while I recognize how deeply flawed it is, I can’t help but have a certain fondness for Omega Quintet that persists despite its occasional clumsiness. The characters are just too stupid and the fan service too transparent to outright hate it. Read more →

Omega Quintet: Progress Log #7

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This is going to be a short progress log out of necessity; I used up most of my free time today trying to push through to Omega Quintet’s ending, but I only just made it into chapter 9 (possibly the last or penultimate chapter) because a ton of sidequests kept popping up like weeds. Very annoying. Still, I’ve read that you find out in chapter 9 whether you get the good ending or not, so that’ll be interesting to see. I did absolutely everything I could and wasted hours upon hours helping random idiots with stupid sidequests, so it’ll be truly infuriating if I end up with the bad ending. Read more →

Soul Calibur 2: Progress Log #4 [END]

Okay, so I went back and played through some Soul Calibur 3 for context, and Seong Mi-na’s moves are totally different there. Earlier I mentioned that learning her moves in 2 was easy because of my experience with 1 and 3, but apparently the third game had nothing to do with that. Using her in the third game was actually surprisingly awkward and kind of started to give me a new appreciation for Soul Calibur 2. Not enough to counteract the endless gimmicks, poorly communicated things, and general wonkiness, but I definitely hate it slightly less now that I know that it’s one of the rare ones that include all my favorite Seong Mi-na moves. Read more →

Soul Calibur 2: Progress Log #3

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There were things about Soul Calibur 2 that I found incredibly annoying leading up to this point, but this is the point where those irritations snowball into full-blown hatred. I gave this game a chance, and in the process of doing so confirmed my suspicions that it can’t hold a candle to the first game. To sum up my problems with this piece of garbage, the gimmicks become so much worse and quickly turn unfair (sometimes not even telling you what to expect from the upcoming fight), and jumping back into a stage after being cheated out of a win takes just long enough to exacerbate the sense that your time is being intentionally wasted. This isn’t good enough. Read more →

Omega Quintet: Progress Log #6

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Okay, so I just finished chapter 7 (Omega Quintet is set up in an episodic format despite not being released piecemeal) and it took forever. Every time I’d push the story slightly forward, a new barrage of sidequests would pop up and demand addressing lest I fail to attain the true ending—and this is my only shot at it, because I simply don’t have the time to play through this game a second time. That’s a pretty cheap way of lengthening the game, as is the fact that you have to check every area after a field map power is upgraded to see if a new area is accessible, if for no other reason than there possibly being an item there that unlocks an important sidequest. The sidequest grind is definitely beginning to get to me, but the story has also started to go somewhere, and I’ve actually had a couple characters go down in battle. It’ll be interesting to see if this ends up being a good thing or bad thing. Read more →

Dragon of Legends (Early Access): Progress Log #2

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The format here will be the same as in the last progress log, with the full, unedited version of my second day with the game being posted at the very end, and various snippets highlighting things leading up to that. I’m not sure how much further I’m going to push into Dragon of Legends, honestly, because some of the bugs and rough edges are adding a layer of unfair difficulty that makes the whole thing kind of self-defeating. Especially since the game isn’t finished yet and there will presumably be no story payoff for making it to the end. Even if there was, the text boxes automatically close after a short time, which makes it difficult to get a grasp on all of the different names in order to follow what’s happening beyond broad strokes. Read more →

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