Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn: Progress Log #22

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Remember way back when I missed a hidden Beastfoe skill and mentioned that it’d be more convenient than necessary? This chapter is where it would have had most of its value (probably—again, I’ve never actually picked up that skill because I’ve never followed a guide while playing), but as you’ll see, having it isn’t remotely necessary thanks to our Dawn Brigade murder buddies. This is the first time you’ll see Zihark and Volug’s true potential, and it’s beautiful to watch them carve through waves upon waves of enemies of enemies who simply can’t hit them. This chapter and the next are two of my favorites in this game, and I always look forward to playing through them because it’s where long-laid plans start to truly click. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn: Progress Log #21

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The next stage will finally give us back control of Micaiah and her forces for a chapter (though Act 3 still skews pretty heavily toward Ike), so this is where things really start to heat up. I’ve got to be honest, though—this game isn’t as hard as I remember it being, and with one or two exceptions, I’ve made it through every stage on my first try. Several years of experience with other games will do that, I guess. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll run through the game on hard again to show off how crazy that can get. Also, after thinking about it a bit, I don’t remember ever having to fight Nephenee. If she’s not going to become a problem, then there’s no reason not to turn her into a merciless killing machine like in Path of Radiance. Read more →

Tower 57: Progress Log #2 [END]

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I’ve already finished the game. Twice, in fact. This is definitely an enjoyable game, but it’s also a short one. That first playthrough took a little over three and a half hours, while the second was just a couple minutes over two hours. Using different weaponry the second time around made it feel fresh (and different characters have different special moves, too), but I could still see the shorter length becoming a problem for some. On the bright side, this certainly makes online co-op easier since it’s entirely possible to finish the game in a single sitting. There was some talk of a custom level creator that could potentially give the game an endless amount of replay value, but I haven’t been able to find anything about that more recent than 2015. Whether that feature was silently dropped or simply delayed, I can’t tell. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn: Progress Log #20

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A lot of the early Act 3 chapters revolve around Ike’s group in order to give you some time to reacquaint yourself with everyone and figure out which characters you want to focus on. It makes things much more interesting later on in the act when Micaiah and Ike’s armies clash because you then have a sense of ownership over all of those characters. It’s going to be terrifying to have to fight Ike’s group, though. They’re growing more and more powerful while the Dawn Brigade members remain at the relatively weak levels we left them at. That’s normal, of course, but the difference in power is wider than I’m used to because of all of the stat bonuses from Path of Radiance. Ike, Mia, Soren, and Nephenee all got bonuses on Ike’s side, while Zihark is the only one who got them on Micaiah’s side. Oof. Read more →

Tower 57: Progress Log #1

“Tower 57 is a top-down twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments and heavy focus on co-op. It is also a modern take on what made Amiga games so great back in the days.” That’s how Tower 57’s store page describes it. Now, I’ve never actually played an Amiga game, mostly because I grew up in the Nintendo/Sega ecosystems where nothing else existed (I still have a tub full of old Nintendo Power magazines that I keep around as a reminder of what propaganda looks like), and I’ll be playing through this game solo because I hate people. Additionally, my first exposure to the gameplay was looking it up on Youtube and watching a group of (what can only generously be referred to as) people screaming over each other in an unbearable cacophony while failing to play through the demo. You’d think that all of this would be enough to deter me, but there’s one thing that kept pulling me in, ensuring that I had to play the game for myself rather than writing it off. To quote the store page description again: “Times of randomly generated levels are gone – everything in Tower 57 is carefully designed and pixel-crafted with the highest attention to detail.” A game with great pixel art, destructible environments, and no procedural generation? That’s right up my alley. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn: Progress Log #19

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There are a lot of cutscenes and interesting military maneuvers in this chapter, and the actual gameplay is equally interesting. The goal here isn’t to defeat everyone or anything like that, but rather, to set a bunch of things on fire. Now that’s a goal I can get behind. We’re still playing as Ike’s group, and we won’t switch back to Micaiah’s group for a few more chapters (it’s only fair to give Ike’s units some time to develop), but once we do, the conflict between the two sides will become really interesting. Read more →

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