Battle Chasers – Nightwar: Progress Log #1

Battle Chasers wasn’t a comic that I was familiar with, mostly because I find the never-ending nature of many popular comics a poor form of storytelling that necessitates stupid contrivances like Cyclops suddenly turning evil. Which happened at one point. It’s hard to have make character growth be meaningful when a character’s story never actually ends; further stories require more and more conflict and drama changing them until they eventually become unrecognizable like that. Still, I was interested enough to buy a surprisingly inexpensive digital version on Google Play and read through the entire thing in one night, and I really liked it. It stops unexpectedly before the story is finished, though, so I suppose it’s a good thing that the game is here to provide some more adventure with its characters. Read more →

Cuphead: Progress Log #2

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The good news is that I haven’t run across any more bugs. The bad news is that the slowdown is worse than ever, taking the frame rate down to almost unplayable levels at several points. It’s driving me crazy that it isn’t captured in my videos for whatever reason, but I know what 10-20 frames per second looks like, and it’s definitely dipping down into that range during the more chaotic sections. It’s even started eating some of my button inputs during these periods of slowdown, and this is no longer a problem exclusive to the homing weapon. The most frustrating thing of all, though, is that I can’t find a single other person having the same problem. You know that Twilight Zone episode with the gremlin on the wing that Shatner kept freaking out about? And it would run off whenever someone else showed up to look? This feels like that episode. I’m about ready to just record the screen with my phone when it happens. That’ll prove to you all that the Cuphead gremlin is real. Read more →

Cuphead: Progress Log #1

Cuphead is one of those games that I’ve been keeping track of for awhile now. For awhile it seemed like it would never actually release. Of course its release date falls into this hellish half-month of nonstop releases where caffeine is the only thing keeping me sane. But you know what? I’ve already finished off all of the first area’s bosses (that’s what an achievement said, at least), so I’ve played far enough in to offer up some thoughts. First, though, note that I’m playing on an Xbox One. That’ll be a factor for rage when I delve into the slowdown issue that plagues this game. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #10

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Chapter 10 is one of those “getting sidetracked on the way to somewhere” chapters, but it’s one of the better ones. The whole point is to rescue/talk to a small handful of characters who have been imprisoned, and some of them will end up being hugely important throughout both games. Nephenee in particular can become a one-woman army if given enough experience, though I haven’t yet decided if focusing on her is worth it while also leveling up Mia. Anyway, this is a stage that starts off with you having the option of playing through it stealthily (enemies aren’t aware of you at first), but I prefer to be seen immediately and fight through everyone who shows up. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #9

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If chapter 8 is one of my favorite chapters of the game, chapter 9 is one of my least favorite chapters. There’s just too much running around and splitting units up if you want to protect the houses (and items inside) on the upper-left of the map from the pirates who keep showing up. Lethe and Mordecai are also computer-controlled for this one, so trying to keep them from running off and stealing experience from your controllable units is also a factor. Then there’s Marcia, who becomes recruitable in this chapter. Her showing up means that Ike needs to be close enough to the starting point that she won’t run off and get herself killed while trying to get to him. Read more →

Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #8

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This is the chapter where we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying about needing to drop items when visiting buildings or defeating enemies. That’s right—we finally have access to a convoy! That’s just the beginning, though. We now have access to skills, bonus experience, optional flavor conversations that tell us more about characters and the world (and that sometimes give us items or new recruits), and support conversations between characters who have spent a lot of time together that impact things like hit/avoid rates when they’re near each other. We can even buy, sell, and forge items now, and wisely managing our money instead of blowing it on every shiny thing that shows up will be (slightly) important. Read more →

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