Omega Quintet: Progress Log #5

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I have no idea what the ideal difficulty setting is for this game. Normal is the easiest one available, and I typically stick with that when the option is provided because normal tends to be synonymous with “the difficulty this was specifically designed to be played on.” There are exceptions to this, of course, but nine times out of ten it’s ideal for getting the reviewer-useful “ordinary player” experience. Omega Quintet is proving to be pretty easy on normal, though, and it’s difficult to tell if this is because the combat mechanics are designed to be delightfully exploitable, or because this is one of those situations where normal is actually an easy mode in disguise. I can’t imagine that it’d be any fun on higher difficulties that likely require a great deal of repetitive grinding/farming to get through sidequests, honestly, but the free DLC included in the PC release has further muddied the waters by proving incredibly convenient and providing a ton of money stuff that saves a boatload of hassle.

Well, the PVS thing finally became mandatory

Early on, you’re given the ability to jump into the PVS (no idea what that stands for) and start directing your own music videos using your party members. That’s great for those who are into that sort of thing, but I nope’d out of it almost immediately after discovering that it didn’t appear to grant any bonuses or miscellaneous gameplay benefits that would necessitate its use. That’s why the video above has a solid 40 seconds of things I apparently unlocked before I can get into it. Basically, a sidequest randomly requires going into the PVS thing and making a custom video, and while this is pretty easily done (you don’t have to actually mess with the settings), it’s definitely a feature that I personally find a bit cringe-inducing, and I wish that I could have made it through the game without having its use pushed on me.

Oh look, sidequests are still awful

Not much has changed on the sidequest side of things. There are still an outlandish number of sidequests that require all kinds of tedious busy work and sometimes self-replenish the second one is finished in order to waste hours upon hours of your time by forcing you to run in circles. This video is of one of the medium-length sidequests, believe it or not, and takes about 15 minutes of running around and cross-referencing monster names with the quest details to complete. It’s insane that this isn’t even one of the bad ones that has you spinning your wheels, looking for something vague in a vague location that may or may not be part of a rare mob in an unknown part of an absurdly large location. That’s still a fairly regular occurrence.

The movement being sped up helps, though

In chapter 6, something (probably a sidequest, but all of that stuff blurs together) unlocked a field speed upgrade. This applies to everyone’s movement speed, and it makes running around the oversized areas to pick up things slightly more tolerable. This should have been available much earlier, but I’m grateful for its presence just as the slower default running speed (which requires holding down a button unless you go into the options and set it to run by default) started to drive me absolutely mad.

Am I going to end up fighting a planet?

Looking at this guy, I’m having trouble picturing how later bosses are going to raise the stakes. Then again, games like this tend to make the most difficult enemies weirdly small for some reason, so the final boss might end up being some kind of super-evil Matryoshka doll. Also, be sure to notice how good the initial music is, as well as how quickly the fight ends. And I haven’t even upgraded the girls’ equipment lately. Really, I can’t help but be glad that the game is so easy despite not really being sure that it’s reflective of a “default” experience, because the bad parts would almost certainly be exacerbated by longer fights against more difficult enemies.

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