Flying Tigers – Shadows Over China: Progress Log #1 and only because I’m doing this super late

I’ve already reviewed Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China, which means that it’s a little late to be putting up a progress log, but I’m dealing with a new puppy at the moment and don’t have enough time to do a full review for something else. Shadows Over China jumps around in time rather than being a linear set of events, so let’s similarly pretend that I wrote this earlier; working with games that have an embargo is often difficult because being unable to post about them while playing them effectively doubles each day’s work, and I opted to dive right in with the review because authoring a bunch of progress logs that wouldn’t be able to go up right away carried the risk of cutting into the little time I have to sleep. Because again, puppy. Chaos, disorder, barking, wires getting chewed on, etcetera. Before the review went up, though, I explored some of the secondary modes outside of the campaign, and thought it’d be interesting to talk about the challenges a bit.

First, some dogfighting

Dogfights are exactly what they sound like—you select your plane, your opponent’s planes, where to fly and in what weather, and then take them all down. Nice and simple. One nice touch is that switching the weather causes a visible change in the background (you can see this 15 seconds in). This mode isn’t really anything too special, though. Against huge numbers of enemies it might help sharpen your skills, but it’s a bit vanilla for my tastes and I quickly moved on to the different challenges.

The challenges

Challenges task you with doing something specific and tend to be more amusing because of it. For example, one challenge tasks you with collecting a bunch of flags while avoiding groups of enemies who are trying to shoot you down. The challenge in the video above is to survive as long as possible against an endless number of hostile planes. I could have sworn that I saw an achievement for surviving 15 minutes, so I resolved to make it that long. Thing is, I have absolutely no concept of time and ended up surviving for over 40 minutes instead. Things definitely started to get a bit repetitive after awhile, with my strategy of flying high up to avoid enemy fire working consistently, but it’s always nice to set and shatter an arbitrary goal.

The “Torpedogs” challenge I was much less good at, as it turns out. Basically, it tasks you with destroying 3 ships with your guns and torpedoes as quickly as possible (the time is what shows up on the leaderboards), and the problem with this is that torpedoes only work if launched when you’re incredibly close to the water. I did eventually get through it at the end of the video above, but there were plenty of non-recorded attempts where I landed in the water like a total idiot, and my time wasn’t any good even when I finally succeeded. That’s really the fun part of these challenges, though: that feeling that you can always do just a little better.

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