Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance: Progress Log #30 [END]

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All right, this is the last progress log for Path of Radiance, so it’s where things will be set up a little for the sequel. We’ll also see which characters are the biggest serial killers and say farewell to several characters who will eventually become sort-of-enemies (Radiant Dawn has two armies who will clash over numerous chapters, though it’s nothing personal). It’s basically happy ending fluff that won’t last because we have another game to get through. The jewelry wars have only just begun.


Sothe decides to head back to Daein. Believe it or not, he’s going to be one of the more helpful characters early on in Radiant Dawn, and the person he joined Ike to look for will be the awesome main character in that game. Or at least the first of several characters who could arguably be considered the “main” character.

Zihark also returns to Daein, because the only characters who will actually stay with Ike are the ones he had early on. As in, back when Mia joined. I think she’s the last character who joined who stays with him, but don’t hold me to that. Anyway, Zihark will be recruited into Sothe’s forces early in that game and have a support with a unique laguz character introduced there, eventually becoming an unstoppable killing force capable of clearing entire maps. That’s not even an exaggeration.

Nasir explains his reasons for betraying us for the millionth time despite the fact that Ike, Mist, and just about everyone else has already forgiven him repeatedly. Both he and Ena decide to travel back to Goldoa, which is Nasir’s first time back in a long time (not counting the time he ran our ship aground there and hid in the cabin).

The laguz set aside the fact that most humans suck and help to rebuild Crimea, and the humans remember their aid and decide to suck slightly less.

Mist suddenly realizes that while she gave Lehran’s Medallion to the herons, she forgot to include the song of release that Elena was also supposed to return to them.

That reminds Ike that they never actually found out who Altina is, but Sephiran shows up (because Elincia is about to become queen) and tells him that Altina, like dragon king Deghinsea, was one of the three heroes who defeated the dark god and sealed it in the medallion, and that she later founded Begnion. Since she wasn’t a dragon laguz, she’s currently super dead, but Sephiran also explains that apostles are descended from Altina, so the apostle could sing the song of release.

Ike tells Sephiran that he suspects that everything is connected, with the assassination of Sanaki’s grandmother, the Serenes massacre, and Lehran’s Medallion all being parts of Ashnard’s grand plan to create a war that spans the entire continent, and Sephiran seems surprised that he hasn’t figured all of this out for himself despite years of traveling around and gathering information.

When Titania pulls Ike away because he has to make an appearance with Elincia, Sephiran starts to ramble to himself about how Ike’s victory will eventually fulfill Ashnard’s goal by showing others that war provides the opportunity to move up in the world, and that another war is pretty much inevitable. The first time I played through this game, I thought to myself, “this guy is up to something.”

This scene is one bound to be painful for those who became familiar with “modern” Fire Emblem where any character can be matched with any other character. In it, Ike and Elincia have a bit of a moment that would make you think that maybe there’s something there. There’s nothing there and Elincia will be single forever because Geoffrey is her only option and Geoffrey sucks too much to ever use. Sorry.

I’m not entirely sure what the pieces of paper on the end screen are. I have suspicions that it could be a subtle hint at a kind of contract important to the next game, but it looks different there and there doesn’t seem to be any speculation on the internet about it that I can find. You disappoint me, internet.

Since I made videos of all of the stages apart from a few early ones, it’s easy to see the discrepancy between the amount of time the game claims each chapter takes and the length of each stage. The only thing I can think of is that the timer is running during the base menu and all of the dialogue, which sounds about right. I spend a lot of time messing around in the base menu because it’s my happy place.

As for unit records, there were a ton of characters who rolled by with 0 wins. Pretty hilarious. Elincia only participated in the final stage and still managed to crack the top of the list. I’m a little surprised that Mia didn’t manage to crack the top 5, honestly, but her and Zihark were used sparingly compared to the heavy-hitters.

Zihark only ended up with 5 more kills than her, so it was actually pretty even.

Soren having more kills than Zihark, on the other hand, was a huge surprise.

Another big surprise was that Nephenee wasn’t number 1. How is that possible?

Wait, what? Ike is usually number 1, and I totally expected him to get that top spot since Nephenee somehow managed 33 fewer kills than him.

Okay, yeah, Boyd killed a lot of things, but 43 more than Nephenee despite the fact that many stages boiled down to “throw Nephenee into groups of enemies and watch as everything dies”? That’s insane. Also, probably a bad idea because he won’t see a significant amount of use in the next game (it’s generally best not to have any one killer unit because you’ll have to fight your own team later on).

Oh well. That was Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Next up is Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, where we have a bazillion characters and skills to use and eventually learn the truth behind pretty much everything that’s ever happened in the world.

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