Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #8

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I haven’t faced many other flying enemies (though there have been a few who can jump up to higher ledges, which is still incredibly annoying), so the combat hasn’t been quite as bad lately as it was in the last progress log. I wouldn’t say it’s good, because it’s mostly just Sebille summoning a bone spider and then party members shooting poison and fire all over the place until everything is dead—the combat is much more repetitive here than in the first Original Sin—but it’s passable enough.

A little bit of negative…

Progressing the story seems to require gaining more competency with Source, and that requires hunting down various figures throughout the world and convincing them to teach everyone. Then I murder them, because why not? That’s besides the point, though. I’m only bringing it up to highlight the fact that I’ve been running around aimlessly, occasionally stumbling onto bigger quests and finishing them off to improve my characters. Lots of levels, lots of new skills, etcetera.

Occasionally, however, these quests get a bit scripted. For example, this area here where you’re ambushed by a bunch of enemies. You’re not supposed to beat them. In fact, you have to let them take you in order to progress, and that way you’re closer to another person who can improve your Source powers. That can be a bit annoying, but certainly nowhere near as much so as previous irritations with the game. One thing I do want to point out, though, is how awful the glass cannon perk is. My fire mage guy Fane has it, and what is does is that it gives him full action points to use every turn, but at the cost of his magic and physical armor not protecting him from status effects. This worked out well enough early on, but the further I play, the more enemies start combat off by charming him, or freezing him, or stunning him. Charming is the worst because he then attacks the rest of the group with fire magic, but it’s all kind of annoying and serves to only pad combat out even more as one-quarter of my group becomes uncontrollable and occasionally hostile.

On the bright side, there’s that mirror in the ship that lets you change your stats (I even went back and put all of Sebille’s Telekinesis points into Persuasion since setting up big explosive traps is obviously not worth it). While I haven’t checked, it should be possible to remove that perk and replace it with something better.

… And a little bit of positive

Okay, yeah, I already started moving a bit into praise, but I really like that mirror letting you change your stats because it lets you experiment with various builds without ever feeling like you’re stuck with one doomed to failure. There’s also the fun of delegating combat to summoned units, though, minimizing character danger.

This video takes place after the last one. The creatures incapacitate all of your characters and send them off to different corners of this big maze, basically, and it’s not a good idea to run ahead trying to reunite everyone since there are a few spots where one of those big enemies will pop up and attack. Teleporting pyramids were definitely an option on the table since I have three of them in three different party members’ packs, but I wanted to first make a video of Sebille having her bone spider kill things while she remains out of combat range. I didn’t realize that the place I was recording was so close to Fane that he got drawn into combat and quickly killed off, but Sebille was able to run over and resurrect him afterward.

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