Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #4

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I’ve had the option to move on to the next area since finishing the fight I was preparing for in the last video of the last progress log, but haven’t had a lot of time and decided to instead run around finishing off some sidequests. A bunch of them turned out to be broken or continued in some non-obvious way (it says I won’t be able to return to this initial area, but I have no idea if the character quests continue on in later areas), so this will probably seem a bit negative toward the game.

More mechanics I haven’t mentioned

There are all kinds of areas that aren’t initially accessible, but once you learn how to teleport characters with either Teleport (which only works on other characters) or Cloak And Dagger (which only works on the character using it, but can be used without shifting out of sneak mode, which is incredibly useful), you can warp to all kinds of weird places and find some fun stuff hidden out of reach.

Another interesting thing I’ve seen is that strength impacts whether you can open certain things. That’s pretty cool, actually, and one of those details that most games would make a big deal out of. Here it’s just a little touch, one of many such mechanics that add depth to the stats beyond simple damage increases.

Invincible enemies are an interesting touch, too. Basically, some characters cursed by legendary (evil) king Braccus Rex—who I’m pretty sure the Source Hunters from the first Original Sin murdered, or at least re-murdered—can come back to life over and over and over again until you find the jars housing their souls and either destroy them or consume the souls. That means that it’s sometimes prudent to sneak past a fight that will repeat over and over again. Luckily, this kind of thing hasn’t been used too much yet, so it’s avoided becoming annoying or gimmicky.

And now, for some negativity

I don’t often download updates while I’m still playing through a game because messing with things mid-playthrough can go (and occasionally have gone) horribly wrong, making things even worse, but I think I might make an exception for Original Sin 2 if things don’t turn around because of how many things are already broken.

Entire quests tell me to do one thing, only for it to not work out and progress them. The Arena of the One is a particularly galling example of this; after one fight I became some kind of champion, and while the dialogue makes it sound like more fights are available, they aren’t. The quest log says to talk to a certain person, and doing so accomplishes nothing. Neither does talking to any of the other people. This is one of many quests that I’m going to have to leave behind annoyingly unfinished.

There are also some weird bugs that pop up out of nowhere. Things like the screen fading out and in when fighting nearby enemies as though they were really far away, for one. In the video above, I suddenly can’t engage a character in dialogue for some random reason. Little flaws like this don’t really take away from the overall fun of the game like broken quests do, but they can nevertheless be a frustrating hiccup.

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